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Successful load tests

Next, the team determined the load times during various test scenarios. In the final load test, which included four simultaneous speed tests, PRTG was evaluated under real-life conditions. Using PRTG, the workshop participants monitored the load times and the CPU & RAM utilization on the PRTG server. At the same time, the employees tackled another project: providing the users of various ÖBB customers with read-access permissions for the devices that pertained to them directly. First of all, it was important to note that most of the devices could only be read by specific customers, while some devices could be seen by all customers. PRTG made it possible to configure customized access rights to grant personalized access to each party. Since it was also important to keep performance as high as possible, explicit permissions proved to be the best option for ÖBB. During the workshops, experts from ÖBB and ITPS AG hammered out the details for the import tool and the implementation of access permissions.

Together, the workshop participants had this to say about PRTG: “We had very positive experiences with PRTG in the past. Our gigantic network needs to be closely monitored at all times. PRTG not only saves us lots of precious time, but also helps us prevent costly interruptions and crashes. Thanks to the workshops with the experts from ITPS, we were able to acquire know-how that will help us use the tool both now and in the future.”

“Our “Certified Paessler Partner” status gives us away: we’re sold on the capabilities of PRTG!,” declares Thomas Wächter, CEO of ITPS AG. “The workshops at ÖBB were somewhat challenging due to the complexity of the data network, but ÖBB’s employees and our experts were more than up to the task. The know-how of our experts perfectly complemented ÖBB’s extensive experience in the operation of the data network.”