Paessler PRTG is the backbone of IENTC’s high-quality internet and telephony service


About IENTC Telecomunicaciones

IENTC Telecomunicaciones was founded in Querétaro, Qro. Mexico in early 2011 with 100% Queretaro capital as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In 2015 it received the sole concession title and the deployment of fiber optics in Querétaro and Guanajuato began.

IENTC is one of the 20 telephone network operators nationwide. It has more than 4,500 km of optical fiber in the states of Querétaro and Guanajuato, with an availability of 99.9%. Thanks to this, it can offer links of up to 100 Gb per second with the best connection quality, unparalleled service, and the shortest response times.


IENTC’s differentiators that make it the ideal company to provide internet and telephony services in the Bajío region are:

  • Service availability 99.9%
  • Backbone saturation of less than 6%
  • Engineering design and infrastructure integration
  • 100% IENTC’s wireless and fiber infrastructure
  • Layer 2 and/or LAN to LAN from site to anywhere in the world
  • Flexible installation costs and timeframes according to contract
  • 24x7 technical support and personalized service

“PRTG is the backbone of our high-quality internet and telephony service. Without it, we would be blind. We use PRTG to keep the network operating and avoid any incidents.”

Carlos Arguimbau Romo, Founder and CEO, IENTC Telecomunicaciones


The challenge


The internet has become the no. 1 global communication need. Connection stability, speed, and reliability are indispensable for business operations. Any problem translates into time-consuming troubleshooting, high costs due to losses or no savings, and distrust when it comes to being connected.

One of the biggest challenges IENTC has as a telecommunications company are the service levels they offer to their customers. It is essential that they know about the problem before their customers do, which gives them a time advantage. By detecting small problems in the network, they can correct them in a preventive way long before a customer's service is affected.

“Since IENTC was very small, until today when we have 4,500 km of fiber optics and more than 10,000 customers, PRTG has been working very well. From the free edition, we scaled up and today we have the biggest commercial license,” says Arguimbau.

With this in mind, IENTC has always included Paessler PRTG Network Monitor as part of its daily operations since it started business in 2007. There is no before and after – PRTG has been in the company from the start as a monitoring tool.

IENTC Telecomunicaciones office

The solution



Because IENTC wants its customers to have access to the best network, ensuring that they always have the communication they need, it surrounds itself with the highest quality and best IT tools, such as PRTG, to meet its high connection standards.

Arguimbau explains: “The service level agreement (SLA) we have with Paessler allows us to have total control of our infrastructure and detect any failure before it affects our customers, because if the service is interrupted, we all lose out and this should not happen. With PRTG, we achieve this high level of availability without any problems.”

IENTC takes care of the internet and telephony needs of its customers in the region through its solutions: dedicated internet, SD-WAN solutions, managed Wi-Fi, VPN, virtual switches, SIP trunks, PTT radio communication via 4.5 LTE, managed firewalls, mobile telephony, data center and virtual managed server (VMS).

To meet the demands of its customers, the company has the most advanced technology and 300 partners, who offer 24-hour support 365 days a year.


The benefits


IENTC has 7,500 sensors monitoring the company’s network distributed in key locations to monitor latency, traffic, ICMP, links, temperature, humidity, energy, and optical power, among others. With PRTG, they detect any type of failure or anomaly through alarms that warn them before it happens.

The Queretaro-based company has a Network Operations Center (NOC) where it manages network operations. The NOC is the site specialized in the control of communication networks, whether internet, television, or satellite, and in general any other type of local or national network. Preventive alerts are sent via the web, SMS, cell phone, and email, and PRTG generates several customized reports.

If there is an unusual event, IENTC has specialized groups placed at strategic points to ensure high availability of service, as it has 100 antennas located in the region with multiple sensors to maintain continuous operation. “Our acquired experience allows us to solve connectivity problems quickly, even much more efficiently than competitors,” says the executive.

IENTC Telecomunicaciones support



The investments that IENTC has made in assets, added to the quality of the service it offers, have served to consolidate its commitment and reputation in the region. There are still many populations in Querétaro and Guanajuato that do not have quality telecommunications services, so it will continue to expand its coverage in these markets.

“For this growth, we are designing a strategy since PRTG does not recommend more than 6,000 sensors per server. We are currently cleaning them up and will add other servers in order to be able to use Paessler’s tool correctly, as it is essential for the operation of the network and the business. We also plan to include monitoring with more motion sensors at the sites, such as CCTV camera systems and monitoring more complex systems,” concludes Arguimbau.


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