Monitoring clients across the U.S. is easy at Resolvit with Paessler PRTG


About Resolvit

Resolvit is an international technology consulting firm with strategic centers across the United States and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company provides IT consultants both in-office and on-site, with the office in Buenos Aires serving companies that prefer the same or similar time zone for offshore development.

For the past 5 and a half years, Edgard and his team have relied on Paessler PRTG Network Monitor to deliver the visibility required to provide reliable support when it comes to all things associated with today’s networks.


In order to best lead his team, Edgard Concha, director of information systems at Resolvit, looks for top-notch and cost effective tools that will result in success, hence his decision to implement PRTG. “One thing I stress to my team when we evaluate new tools is that they must be cost effective. There are a lot of companies in the market, and at the end of the day, I need to be careful where we put our money and resources. So, all of the tools we choose to implement have great value.”

“We monitor everything. We have probes for every system on our end and use them on other systems and troubleshooting to monitor network status, bandwidth, web services and servers. We receive SMS and email updates for each sensor and know when disk space or CPU usage is reaching a certain threshold.


"Don’t be a firefighter, be a marshall. When you can’t see what’s happening in your network, everything is a surprise and you spend much of your time responding to urgent, emergency requests to put out fires. When you have visibility over the network, you can concentrate not only on preventing such emergencies, but also in determining how to most effectively use your team and resources strategically."

Edgard Concha, Director of Information Systems at Resolvit


Keeping up and staying in the know with all clients


Before Resolvit determines which of its teams will work on a client’s projects, they need to figure out what skill sets are required and what technologies each customer is implementing. Since Resolvit works across a variety of verticals – from finance and banking solutions to telecommunications support – the networks can be drastically different from one another and keeps Edgard and the team diversified and up to date with the current IT landscape.

Due to projects and teams changing constantly, new devices enter and exit the network on a regular basis. By using PRTG’s auto-discovery option, it is effortless for Edgard to see what is connected to the network, determine which sensors should be linked to each device and add new components, such as connected monitors and servers.

In addition, one application of PRTG that Edgard increasingly relies on is the ability to monitor Windows servers, like SharePoint and Exchange. With more and more clients moving to these cloud based sharing and storing solutions, it is imperative to have insight into the network at all times. Without a strong commitment to network monitoring, issues in the cloud can go unnoticed and result in serious consequences.

“As more and more companies start to integrate new systems, they aren’t going to use legacy networks. Instead, clients are implementing more cloud-based solutions with newer programming languages so those systems will stay in place for a longer period of time. Being able to closely monitor cloud-based solutions and customize sensors based on clients’ needs is extremely helpful in making sure the process runs and continues to function as smoothly as possible.”


Not falling behind


In order to truly have peace of mind in the world of IT, Edgard emphasizes the need to be proactive with his team. No matter how small or large an IT team is, being able to monitor everything in the network with minimal stress, is the key to success. PRTG lets Edgard and his team spend less time worrying and more time giving clients exactly what they need.

“You need to be proactive so tasks don’t consume too much of your time. And, the best way to be proactive is knowing what is going on and prioritizing accordingly. If you plan in advance the items that can be anticipated, like clearing space on servers, it will take you far less time than having to react at the last minute when servers are full. Not only that, you are able to find and solve issues before your client has the time to put in a service ticket.”

Less downtime allows IT professionals to perform the best they can and leaves ample time for problems sysadmins may never anticipate. Edgard also emphasizes that the ability to see everything on one screen and receive real-time updates allows for full transparency and reactivity.


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