Solutions to monitor everything

IT is not IT. Every IT environment has its very own requirements and challenges.
Whether it's about Industrial IT or medical infrastructures, about monitoring large environments or CCTV systems:
You need to know the specific challenges and requirements to identify the best solution for your own needs. 


Monitoring large IT infrastructures

IT teams in large IT environments with thousands of devices and systems across multiple locations need an easy way to gain visibility and control of their increasingly complex infrastructures.

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CCTV monitoring

Using a CCTV system usually means that a vital part of your security status depends on this CCTV system. Failures in your CCTV system cause massive security issues. As CCTV is much more than just cameras, you need a solution that gives a holistic view of all components of a CCTV system.

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Healthcare IT monitoring

Modern hospitals are highly digitalized. Availability of patient data is at the core of this digitalization. Classic IT systems and medical IT must work together seamlessly and need centralised monitoring.

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Storage monitoring

To avoid any negative business impact based on storage problems or failures, you must monitor all storage components 24/7, with a solution including all features required for monitoring the entire data storage process.

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Monitoring industrial IT

Digitalization and IT/OT convergence bring together the worlds of IT and production. This requires one monitoring system, giving the digtalization teams one dashboard for everything they need to know from both worlds.

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