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SAP monitoring with PRTG:
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A centralized IT monitoring environment should also include your existing SAP systems.
PRTG Network Monitor offers comprehensive SAP and IT monitoring.

PRTG supports common protocols such as SNMP, WMI, Flow, HTTP, Ping, and comes with SAP database sensors
for SAP HANA, Sybase, MaxDB, and Oracle so you can continually check the status of your SAP system.







SAP systems should be integrated into your centralized IT monitoring environment so you can continually check their status and catch any errors that might have an impact on your business.

Paessler teamed up with the Swiss SAP specialist itesys to create Scansor SAP sensors for PRTG, a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for monitoring your entire IT environment, including its SAP systems.


Standard SAP monitoring tools – pros and cons

Standard SAP monitoring tools
run simple analyses

A mishmash of tools makes it difficult to maintain an overview

Centralized monitoring tools like PRTG are ideal for the comprehensive monitoring
of SAP and IT systems


When SAP is used at companies, it is usually the primary system upon which all business processes depend. SAP system errors can therefore lead to significant losses in revenue.

SAP systems must be monitored comprehensively – and around the clock – to catch and eliminate malfunctions before they arise.

SAP offers a number of standard tools (CCMS, CEN, GRMG, SAP Performance Monitor, eCaTT, SAP Diagnostics Agent, etc.) that provide data and analyses on every aspect of an SAP system.


Why it makes sense to choose a centralized monitoring tool
for your SAP monitoring

Because of the large number of SAP diagnostic tools, it is often difficult to maintain an overview of all your systems. A centralized SAP monitoring tool consolidates your information and makes it easy to understand.

Standard SAP monitoring tools monitor SAP systems but not your IT infrastructure and network. However, without a robust IT infrastructure, SAP systems cannot run properly.

The primary standard SAP monitoring tool (CCMS) only collects information at fixed intervals, which can lead to inaccuracies.

See the following blog article on the SAP Community page to learn more
about what you can do with standard SAP monitoring tools.


Centralized monitoring of IT and SAP systems

A centralized monitoring tool incorporates SAP into your IT monitoring environment, thereby keeping a constant eye on both your IT and all your SAP systems. Comprehensive tools ensure your SAP runs smoothly by monitoring your hardware, operating systems, databases, and network, as well as every aspect of your SAP systems. Before choosing a tool, make sure it meets the following standard criteria:

  • Compatibility with common protocols such as SNMP, WMI, Flow, HTTP, and Ping
  • Customizable dashboards and maps
  • Ability to set thresholds for alerts
  • A variety of notification methods (email, SMS, traps, push, etc.)
  • Generation of reports

A few specific criteria



How comprehensive is the tool?

SAP systems are multi-layered and complex. You not only have to monitor advanced parameters like IDocs, RFC, and STMS but also basic parameters such as updates, dialogs, and jobs. Another important factor involves data storage. Regardless of the database (e.g., SAP HANA), it must be monitored specifically in relation to its use with SAP.


Does the tool monitor the right aspects of your IT?

SAP systems rely on IT infrastructures to function properly. They need resources to send, process, and store data, as well as to allow for communication between their various components. When it comes to these resources, some aspects of your IT are more important than others: hardware such as storage components, servers, routers, and switches; virtual environments and operating systems; databases and storage systems; overall network performance.


Is the tool a process-based monitoring tool?

OK, so all the relevant details of both your SAP system and IT environment must be monitored around the clock. But what about the overview? This is just as important. A detailed overview of a full hard disk is great, but a comprehensive overview that also shows a backup disk with plenty of space is even better. To be effective, the monitoring tool must therefore allow you to define individual processes.


SAP monitoring with PRTG and Scansor


The Swiss company itesys, a long-time partner of Paessler and an expert in SAP, has combined its knowledge of SAP and PRTG to create a centralized monitoring solution called Scansor that monitors every aspect of your IT and SAP systems.

This solution allows PRTG to monitor your entire IT landscape, as well as medical infrastructures, production plants, and other elements of the IoT.


Monitoring SAP systems with Scansor


Scansor is made with three types of sensors that capture and monitor every aspect of SAP systems:

  • Standard SAP sensors for monitoring the basic parameters of an SAP system such as updates, dialogs, work process, dumps, jobs, etc.
  • Special SAP sensors for advanced parameters like IDocs, RFC, STMS, and Syslog
  • SAP database sensors for SAP HANA, Sybase, MaxDB, Oracle, and other databases in the SAP environment

These preconfigured sensors contain “channels” for the values of the parameters, which are queried directly from the systems in real time without having to pass through the CCMS.

More on Scansor



Why PRTG is the right SAP monitoring
tool for you



Comprehensive overview of IT environments

When it comes to the comprehensive monitoring of IT environments, PRTG Network Monitor is in a class of its own. PRTG is agentless software that supports all the main monitoring protocols. Optimized for usability, PRTG quickly provides an overview of the performance and availability of hardware, applications, virtual environments, storage systems, databases, and network traffic, as well as cloud services, environmental parameters, and industrial and medical devices and services. PRTG uses Scansor sensors to incorporate entire SAP systems into its centralized monitoring environment and provide you with a comprehensive overview that far surpasses standard views.


Centralized monitoring instead of separate tools

Say goodbye to a mishmash of software and start monitoring your SAP systems with one centralized tool. PRTG consolidates the values from all your SAP databases and systems. Thanks to PRTG Network Monitor and Scansor SAP sensors, you get all the information you need on a single monitoring dashboard. With PRTG, you’ll keep a constant eye on the availability, capacity, and performance of your SAP systems.


Prompt alerts for increased stability

An SAP system goes down, and suddenly the tech support line doesn’t stop ringing. Sound familiar? Scansor SAP sensors provide for the continuous and automated monitoring of your SAP systems. If a problem arises, you’ll be notified at once. You can therefore take action immediately, before SAP and critical business processes come to a halt. As a result, you’ll continually increase the stability of your network.

Agentenloses SAP Monitoring

Agentless SAP monitoring

We teamed up with our Uptime Alliance Partner to provide you with an SAP monitoring tool that queries measurement values via standardized interfaces. These values can be read directly from SAP via RFC (for example). You’ll enjoy fully agentless monitoring that far surpasses the capacities of standard monitoring tools such as SAP Solution Manager.

Easy setup

Easy setup

It’s no secret – SAP is incredibly complex. That’s why we sought help from an expert who knows SAP inside out and has developed sensors especially for our software. Preconfigured sensors make PRTG much easier to install than other monitoring software.


Simplified management views

PRTG lets you use IT services to display business processes. In small and medium-sized environments, PRTG Network Monitor uses so-called business process sensors to make correlations between the various parameters. In larger environments, Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor uses the ITOps Board to simplify and automate the definition of complex IT services and thereby allow for the depiction of complex business processes.

SAP systems can therefore be captured and monitored in their entirety and in relation to their IT environment. By keeping the focus on processes and services, unnecessary alarms are avoided and the details are collected and saved for reports and analyses.


The bottom line: PRTG is a fantastic tool

We live for monitoring. In fact, PRTG is our only product. For the past 20 years, our goal has been to make PRTG a little bit better every day. The tool is easy to use and comes with all you'll ever need for network monitoring. More than 500,000 administrators worldwide put their trust in us. Ready to join them?


Trusted by 500,000 users and recognized
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“Fantastic network and infrastructure monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and easier still to use. Simply the best available.”

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“Software is absolutely perfect, Support is superior. Meets all needs and requirements, this is a must have solution if you are needing any form of monitoring.”

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“The tool excels at its primary focus of being a unified infrastructure management and network monitoring service.”

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PRTG does more

PRTG comes equipped with all the features of a modern monitoring tool – from comprehensive notification methods to customizable dashboards, a built-in reporting engine, and numerous possibilities for automation and personalization. Read up on PRTG or watch a tutorial by an expert.


2 locations, 40 SAP instances,
1 monitoring solution

The Swiss Model Group is a leading European provider of innovative packaging solutions with 4,000 employees and 10 subsidiaries in 9 different countries. The company has an SAP system landscape with a total of 40 instances, 30 of which are located at its headquarters in Switzerland and 10 in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to itesys SAP sensors and PRTG, the company has been able to fully automate the monitoring of its SAP systems. Its small IT team now monitors its distributed SAP systems around the clock – simply, efficiently, and conveniently. Thanks to prompt and automated alarms, the company can quickly step in before system availability or quality of service suffers.


“Automated 24/7 SAP monitoring with itesys sensors makes life a whole lot easier for our small IT team. It frees up two hours of our day for other things.”

Dirk Weiler, Infrastructure & Service Desk Team Leader, Model AG

To the case study


itesys and Scansor


itesys has helped many of our Swiss customers set up and use PRTG. As a result, the company has continually improved its knowledge of our monitoring software.

A worldwide expert in SAP, itesys sought to use this knowledge to create SAP sensors for PRTG to provide customers with a much more powerful and user-friendly way to monitor their SAP systems.
In 2020, itesys developed Scansor, an SAP monitoring solution based on PRTG. Scansor is a reliable, centralized, easy-to-use tool for monitoring and optimizing SAP systems.
This goes for SAP systems that itesys maintains for its customers, as well as systems that are maintained by customers themselves.

Like PRTG, Scansor can be used for 30 days free of charge. Simply head to the Scansor website to get started.

More on itesys:




PRTG the multi-tool

PRTG: The multi-tool for sysadmins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs and rely on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects via HTTP requests
  • Custom sensors: Create your own PRTG sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom notifications: Create your own notifications and send action triggers to external systems
  • REST Custom sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides data in XML or JSON format


“Easy to implement and configure with good technical support.”

R. v. S., ICT Manager at Heinen & Hopman Eng BV


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