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Device status

Are your routers always really online? Or are there repeatedly times when a router (and therefore your WiFi) is not available? With PRTG, you can monitor both uptime and downtime. To do so, simply use the SNMP System Uptime and Ping sensors from the PRTG sensor list.


WiFi disruptions often occur when the network load is too high. Among other things, the quality of your connection suffers. With PRTG's built-in bandwidth sensors, you'll be able to identify the moments when the wireless network is most strained.


How many data packets travel over an access point? How much bandwidth is used by specific data? With SNMP traffic sensors or user-defined SNMP sensors such as the PRTG SNMP Custom Table sensor, you'll constantly stay up-to-date on the development of traffic in both your network and wireless network.

Signal strength

Do co-workers often complain about the WiFi connection in specific work areas or rooms? This could mean that the signal strength of certain routers is lacking. Eventually you will need to replace routers or invest in additional access points. A neat way to check the signal strength of your wireless network with PRTG is to query it with an SNMP Custom Advanced Sensor of a corresponding device.

Last access

As an administrator, your job is to always keep an eye on the security of your network. Some devices, for instance, feature a parameter which displays the last time a device was connected and thus when it had last latched onto the wireless network. By applying user-defined SNMP sensors, you can observe, for example, if devices are available in the WiFi network at night - even when no staff is present. Conversely, you can also see the wireless network access points which are barely used and which could thus be moved or eliminated.


PRTG can be installed within minutes and it's compatible with most mobile devices.


About SNMP for WiFi Monitoring with PRTG



PRTG uses SNMP, NetFlow and Packet Sniffing for its WiFi traffic monitoring. SNMP is supported by many router manufacturers, such as Cisco and Juniper, as well as several access point manufacturers. This makes setting up functional and reliable wireless network monitoring fast and easy.


AP manufacturers

Meraki, NetGear, Aruba, Ruckus (Brocade), D-Link, and Extreme Networks are some of the access point manufacturers who support SNMP. In order to correctly monitor your wireless network, be sure to verify which protocol is supported by your access points.


Recommended reading

Meraki is an extremely popular access point manufacturer. Many administrators therefore have specific questions concerning the brand's products. Our knowledge base features a detailed article on how you can monitor your Meraki network with PRTG. Pull up the article here. Click on the following links for more information on SNMP Monitoring, NetFlow Monitoring, and Packet Sniffing with PRTG.



With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool for your WIFI: Monitor devices, bandwidth, and more.


With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool with which to monitor your WiFi, bandwidth, and network. The dashboard provides for a quick and compact overview.


Customizing PRTG is a breeze. Switching from other software takes no time at all. PRTG comes with 200 predefined sensors. This will save a lot of energy as you get your wifi monitoring up and running.


80% of our customers report noticeable or even extraordinary savings in the area of network management. Customer experiences shows that license costs pay for themselves in an average of only 3 ½ months.

PRTG warns you
of potential disruption to your WiFi 

Frühzeitiger Alarm mit PRTG

Prompt alerts

PRTG sensors can be configured so you are promptly notified as soon as WiFi network disruptions occur or bandwidth limits are reached. This means you can react quickly and prevent a crash.

Flexibler Alarm mit PRTG

Customizable alarm

Notifications can be customized according to your needs. You get to decide, for example, if you'd like to be informed when everything is OK - or only if there is a problem. You can also define your own timetables and escalation levels.

Verschiedene Alarm-Systeme

Various alarm systems

You as the administrator decide how you would like to be notified. Email, SMS, syslog or ringtone - find the method which works best for you.

Keine Zusatzkosten

No additional fees

The PRTG notification system is included! There are no additional fees to pay. The notification system is also available in the free version, which comes with 100 sensors for small networks, including a wireless or sophisticated home network.


Award winning solution

We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use
as possible for our customers each and every day.
Of course it makes us proud when we get awards for that.



3 good reasons
to choose PRTG as your WiFi monitoring tool

Höhere Zuverlässigkeit mit PRTG

Increased reliability

PRTG significantly increases the reliability of your IT infrastructure. Thanks to its proactive, customizable alarm, you'll be informed promptly and can thereby prevent crashes.


Schnelle Übersicht in PRTG

Quick overview

PRTG provides an instant overview, even for your WiFi network, at all times. Customize your dashboard so you can keep constant track of those sensors which are the most important to you. And when you’re on the go, simply access PRTG via the mobile app.

Einfache Einrichtung in PRTG

Easy setup

You're currently using Nagios or another monitoring tool? Thanks to our Auto Discovery feature and more than 200 predefined sensors, making the switch is a breeze. Sensors are created automatically by Auto Discovery, which means you can get started with your WiFi monitoring in a few short minutes.

The Swiss Army Knife for Sys Admins


Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically, to your specific needs, using the API:

  • HTTP API: Access network monitoring data and manipulate objects using HTTP requests
  • Custom Sensors: Create your own sensors for customized network monitoring
  • Custom Notifications: Create your own notifications to send alarms to external systems

...with PRTG you get much more

For many, wireless network monitoring is just one component of their monitoring structure. There can be many reasons for your Internet connection being down or disrupted. With PRTG, you get a monitoring tool which features an extensive framework. This framework allows you to discover unconventional sources of errors, sources you may not have searched for right away. And that means you'll save precious time.

Here are three examples: 

Internet Accessibility

Does your Internet connection work only most of the time? Could the problem lie with your service provider, and not with your routers, switches, or access points? The Common SaaS sensor will provide you with the answer. This sensor queries various large sites such as Facebook, Dropbox, or YouTube, which in general are never offline.

Disruption in Email Traffic

Nothing makes co-workers complain faster than the inability to send or receive emails. In such a case, the LAN or wireless network may be the culprit. But email issues could also be due to SMTP or POP3 protocol disruptions. PRTG features a variety of predefined and individually configurable sensors to monitor your mail server. Find our more in our sensor list.

Website Accessibility

The Cloud HTTP sensor monitors the load time of your site on a variety of servers found on different continents. This sensor lets you see if your site is also accessible from abroad. Tokyo, Ireland, North Virginia, and Oregon are a few of the places where these servers are found.

Gerald Schoch Zitat

“Hey Gerald, what would you tell administrators looking to use PRTG to monitor their wireless network?”

“Those looking to combine several monitoring statuses into one can use our Business Process Sensor. With this sensor, several sensors – such as for the router, access points, and other end devices – can be represented under a single, comprehensive sensor status. This means it only takes a quick glance to see if everything is alright.”

Gerald Schoch works as a technical editor at PAESSLER AG.

Here's what WiFi Monitoring looks like in PRTG

- PRTG keeps an eye on everything


LAN Monitoring

LAN monitoring is the basis for a reliable, high-performance network. Many administrators still think they can do without a monitoring tool. But after a disruption or crash, these same administrators often search frantically for good monitoring software. Other administrators use several monitoring tools concurrently but eventually opt for PRTG to benefit from a single, central, efficient, and easily upgradeable tool. Check out our LAN Monitoring with PRTG topic page.

WiFi Network Monitoring

These days, many businesses and organizations operate on the "bring your own device" principle. Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices must however also be granted access to the WiFi network. Furthermore, laptops are often used for presentations in conference rooms and likewise require an Internet connection. As a result, WiFi monitoring quickly becomes an important issue for administrators.

WAN Monitoring

Wide area networks are especially susceptible to crashes and disruptions, for they are spread out across rooms, countries, and even continents. At the same time, a great deal of important data (such as internal applications, emails, and VoIP telephony) flows across a WAN. Getting started with monitoring can therefore truly be a lifesaver. Find out more about WAN Monitoring with PRTG here.

Over 95% of our customers recommend PRTG

Paessler AG submitted an extensive survey to interview more than 600 IT departments worldwide who use PRTG. The goal of this survey was to optimize and fine-tune our Network Monitoring Software to better meet the needs of administrators.

One survey result: more than 95% of the participants would recommend PRTG - or have already done so.




Increased reliability is included: PRTG is proven to increase the reliability of your network. And this translates into long-term savings. Thanks to our simple yet comprehensive monitoring, you'll save precious time and can concentrate on other important projects.

100 sensors are included: with the Free Trial Version, you get 100 free sensors which never expire. This is the perfect way to get a feel for PRTG. If you need more sensors, simply search for a suitable license or upgrade later when it's convenient to do so. The Free Trial Version is also sufficient for sophisticated private uses - such as for one's home network.

The alarm feature is included: the notification system is included free of charge with PRTG. There are no hidden fees whatsoever. Our motto: "PRTG is your one-stop service."

Support is included: Paessler AG operates in accordance with the "no offshore" principle. In other words: our support staff is located on site. They work a short distance from our developers and other departments. And that means we're equipped to provide quick and straightforward answers - usually within 24 hours on business days.

Reports are included: PRTG lets you create detailed and personalized reports. This feature comes in handy when it's time to prepare information for the financial planning team. PRTG reports allow you, among other things, to generate detailed charts, individually configure timeframes, and export historical data.

Start your Free Trial Version today! Upgrade only if it makes sense to do so. PRTG is installed in a matter of minutes.


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