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Monitor the condition of your properties to make them more profitable and enhance the overall quality of life for residents


Condition monitoring and the digitalization of properties


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Modern buildings are highly digitalized and the availability of building data is the key to this digitalization. 

So instead of relying on manual on-site data collection, you can use IoT sensors to measure the condition of properties 24/7. Monitoring solutions can translate this data into usable knowledge.

Paessler has come up with a tailor-made IoT solution for building monitoring that covers the needs of a modern, competitive asset management.

Unexpected damage to buildings (because of gas leaks, water leakage, legionella, mold, and unfavorable indoor climate, for example) cause high costs and various other issues. The early, digital detection of anomalies can prevent larger damage.

Moreover, if you constantly record your property's resource consumption, it can be minimized. This not only reduces operating costs, but also helps to meet government requirements such as the EED (Energy Efficiency Directive).


What are the benefits of
building monitoring?


Monitoring the condition of your properties helps you to optimize your property and asset management based on data that is available around the clock. And there are many more advantages.

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Earlier damage detection

When you monitor your properties, you can detect leakages, smoldering fires, or mold much earlier.

This prevents high follow-up costs or loss of revenue for you.

What's more: you can reduce insurance premiums and preserve estate values.

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It is always better to act before any damage occurs.

Predictive maintenance allows you to assess future requirements and various associated costs much more accurately.

This way, you can also largely avoid unexpected damage and costs.

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Smart metering lets you read meters quickly without needing scheduled appointments.

But it also lets you plan and realize the reduction of energy and water consumption of your properties.

This saves money and helps you be compliant with EU energy efficiency standards.


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Discover some aspects of our solution
for building monitoring



Structured dashboard

Our Paessler IoT solution for building monitoring offers simple yet highly informative overviews of all relevant monitoring aspects.

You can benefit from specific insights to always know if everything’s going according to plan. If it is not, intelligent alerts immediately notify you of the issue.

User-friendly assistant

It only takes a few clicks to set up our building monitoring solution and add new data sources and insights.

You can use preconfigured templates for various monitoring needs including default threshold settings. Well-structured, colorful visualizations help you detect issues at a glance.

Your custom solution

Each monitoring project faces unique challenges and has its own objectives.

Building monitoring requires an exact analysis of the status quo, planning, experience, and obviously a lot of monitoring know-how.

We support you with finding the right solution.

Rehnig & Paessler

A partnership with a shared vision: Rehnig's collaboration with Paessler to find new solutions for the housing sector digitalization.


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