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Digitalization with IoT-based condition monitoring


We intelligently combine IoT sensor technology with our monitoring solutions to support you in the digitalization of your processes.

We focus on replacing the manual collection of data with automated remote monitoring. This IoT-based monitoring also makes it possible to automatically manage and control digitalized processes and components.

Monitoring plays an important role in reducing resource consumption. Resources can include


  • Machines

  • Employees

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Emissions


Only if you start to measure condition data and monitor resource usage will potential savings become visible so you can take actions for improvement.

Based on data from IoT sensors and infrastructure, condition monitoring ensures an optimal deployment of machines and personnel. At the same time, condition monitoring helps to reduce energy consumption, water waste, and emissions.


How our Paessler IoT solutions work




All our IoT solutions basically work in the same way.

Different kinds of IoT sensors collect data right at the point of origin. Depending on the transmission technology (HTTP, MQTT, or the radio technologies LPWAN, LTE, 5G, and NB-IoT), the sensors pass on the data to our solutions directly or via a network server.

During this process, it doesn’t matter if the endpoint is cloud based or on premises. Our IoT solutions process, visualize, and make the data available according to the rules of our threshold-based monitoring.

Infographic: How Paessler IoT solutions work

With the Paessler IoT solutions, you can detect potential savings in time and optimize your processes and equipment.

What’s more: it is important to us that everyone who wants to use our IoT solutions can do so – no matter if they are an IT specialist or not. This is why we strive for our solutions to be as intuitive as possible without the need for programming skills.


Get to know our Paessler IoT solutions in detail


Check out our first implementation projects and use cases for different Paessler IoT solutions. If you're interested in one of our solutions, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to talk to you about your specific needs and requirements.


paessler irrigation monitor logo


Irrigation monitoring

Use smart irrigation to monitor and manage the use of water resources in agriculture and tackle the challenge of water sustainability.


paessler building monitor logo


Building monitoring

Monitor the condition of your properties to make them more profitable and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.


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Air quality monitoring

Monitor indoor air quality to enhance people's health and wellbeing, reduce their risk of infection, and increase their productivity.


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Integration Partners

Upon request, our IoT experts will help you select
and integrate your sensors and gateways.


m2m Germany

Support from planning to commissioning of a LoRaWAN network by an established LoRa full service provider – best network integration for condition monitoring.

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Compatible Computer Solutions

Many factors determine the success of a future-oriented property management – project planning with competence and foresight for professional condition monitoring.

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Comprehensive strategic consulting, planning, and support for the digitalization of companies – customer-oriented integration of condition monitoring into digital ecosystems.

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Germany-wide LoRaWAN network – the best connectivity for IoT monitoring applications in digital building management and other areas.

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Technology Partners

Paessler partners with leading IT vendors to ensure the best know-how
and support for monitoring their devices and applications.


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