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The term IoT – Internet of Things – gets used a lot, but what does it mean? In a nutshell, the concept of IoT involves the network connectivity of physical devices that would have been standalone devices in a previous life.


IoT has many worlds

The most well-known area of IoT is the home (Smart Home). People are fascinated by managing and monitoring their own four walls from anywhere at any time. But IoT is much more. In a Smart Office, people will not only be more productive, but also happier and healthier. IIoT is already influencing many areas of the manufacturing industry, and technologies such as LPWAN are making older devices fit for the Internet of Things. The health and hospital market (eHealth) and urban development (Smart City & CCTV) are also being transformed by this development.


IoT finds its way into hospitals

Digitalization in hospitals means more than just extensive IT. IoT in Healthcare is one way to make hospitals more efficient, provide the physicians with the relevant patient data more quickly, and thus accelerate medical processes...

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What is LPWAN?

LPWAN stands for Low-Power Wide-Area-Network. It does not refer to any one specific technology, but rather serves as a generic term for any network designed to communicate wirelessly with lower power than other networks such as cellular, satellite, or WiFi...

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring tracks and shows all the values that make up the immediate or wider environment around us. We are talking about an extremely high number of values, data and potentially sensors. Possible areas of application are ...

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Smart City

Smart City defines how we will live and work in the future, act in the community of our fellow citizens and set environmentally friendly standards. Smart City is the broadest term of the IoT - and certainly one of the most interesting. With PRTG Network Monitor, we at Paessler...

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Smart Building

Smart building, or intelligent building status management, or digitalization of buildings... Whatever you wish to call it: In the 21st century, buildings must do more than provide a roof over our heads. Learn about a market with incredible growth potential...


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What is this site's purpose?

Its purpose is to inform you not only about general areas of the IoT, but also show you how IoT devices can be monitored and, possibly, also controlled.

Paessler AG is the manufacturer of the world's best monitoring tool, PRTG Network Monitor. This puts us at an interface between manufacturers of IoT devices and developers of industry standards (such as Sigfox), and you, the professional users of IoT devices and applications.

With PRTG it is possible to monitor your entire IoT infrastructure and connect it seamlessly to your classic IT. We would like to show you how that works!




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