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What is a sensor?

by Kimberley, Senior System Engineer

What, exactly, is a "sensor" within PRTG? What is a "channel"? This video discusses PRTG sensors and channels, including a few concrete examples of both, to illustrate this fundamental PRTG concept.

View video (4:34 min.)

PRTG monitors all types of servers – even in distributed networks. Here are a few examples of the kinds of servers for which PRTG provides predefined sensors so you can get started with your server monitoring at once:


Mail Server Monitoring

Mail servers, in particular, are sensitive issues for companies. When mail server glitches occur, employees are quick to complain, putting the support department under intense strain. With PRTG, you can monitor your mail servers permanently and be alerted in a timely fashion. IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and many more: we supply more than a dozen sensors for your mail server monitoring.

Sensors for mail server monitoring

Web Server Monitoring

Web Server Monitoring

Website performance is a deciding factor for many companies – all the more so when they offer products and services via their websites. Downtime is costly, right from the very first second. That’s why PRTG also makes a whole range of sensors available for your web server monitoring (IIS, Apache, and more).

Sensors for web server monitoring

Database Server Monitoring

Database Server Monitoring

Practically all company information is stored in databases. When it comes to databases, performance is also the basis for the effective functioning of each and every department. PRTG thus offers a variety of sensors which are available for immediate use. These include sensors for the monitoring of MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle SQL. You can selectively choose HTTP content or perform database queries.

Sensors for database server monitoring

File Server Monitoring

File Server Monitoring

If firms can’t access information, then nothing works. One of the tasks of administrators is therefore to ensure the file server runs smoothly, and as with other servers, avoid crashes. It’s not uncommon for administrators to search, say, for a specific FTP server monitoring tool. But PRTG has you fully covered in this area as well. For you get around 20 sensors just for your file server monitoring.

Sensors for file server monitoring

More server monitoring sensors

Monitor as many servers as you like...

With PRTG, you get a number of other predefined sensors which provide an overview of your entire server landscape in no time at all. You can create your own sensors whenever you want, and use the API to adapt PRTG to absolutely any special situation.

More server sensors

Markus Puke - Serverüberwachung

"With PRTG, we all are able to work in a much more relaxed way."

Network Administrator, Schüchtermann Klinik, Germany

Your Servers AT A GLANCE

PRTG can be installed within minutes and it's compatible with most mobile devices.

3 good reasons for PRTG as your server monitoring software

An Integrated Solution

An Integrated Solution

Whether just a few servers or a large server farm: PRTG adapts dynamically to the size of your server landscape. And should you acquire more servers, all licenses are individually upgradeable. PRTG is an integrated solution: whether processors, memory, cooling fans, power supplies, or other components, our Server Monitoring Tool simultaneously monitors your servers as well as your entire infrastructure. PRTG immediately recognizes if a router or switch fails and causes a disruption in the server. Even virtual servers are recognized automatically and included in the monitoring.

Prompt Alerts

Prompt Alerts

Servers are the main elements of every IT infrastructure. Without them, a company is more or less unable to function. PRTG ensures system failures are as short-lived as possible – or even prevented in advance! Thanks to the e-mail or SMS alert feature, you’ll know straight away if complications arise. Locate errors directly: this will save you lots of time. You can even define the alert threshold values yourself. This means you’ll be notified before a shortage leads to a crash.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning

PRTG helps out with your capacity planning. Our Server Monitoring Tool lets you to promptly recognize when in the medium to long-term it will be necessary to increase your capacities. Our dashboard presents compelling charts which are perfect for convincing your higher-ups with no technical know-how to expand your resources. The tool also features detailed reports providing a basis for scheduling and continual process optimization.


Let the PRTG server monitoring service work for you.
Focus on more challenging work instead.

server monitoring effort


Monitor all your servers and your entire network comfortably, around the clock. And enjoy the design of an intuitive web interface. The built-in alert feature is quick to react - leaving no room for system trouble or failure.

server monitoring saves time


PRTG automatically generates the optimal server sensors for your local, remote, virtual and cloud servers. Your monitoring will be set up and ready to go in no time at all. 92% of our customers report improved IT system reliability - thus saving them time and trouble.

server monitor saves money


80% of our customers report substantial or even exceptional network management cost savings. Our customers report that their PRTG licenses have paid for themselves in an average of 3 ½ months.

Virtual Server Monitoring included


In many companies, virtual servers are already a part of the IT structure. And for good reason: memory, hard disk space, and computing power can be allocated to individual applications dynamically. Resources are thus used in a considerably more efficient manner. PRTG monitors your virtual servers, right down to the very last detail.

More about VMware monitoring >

Award winning solution

We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use
as possible for our customers each and every day.
Of course it makes us proud when we get awards for that.



Try our Multi Server Simulator!


Would you like to set up a collection of new servers but first test the behavior of your network? Then use our Multi Server Simulator! See how your network reacts – and which areas need work.

To Multi Server Simulator

Multi Server Simulator

Here's what server monitoring looks like in PRTG

See what PRTG can do as your
Virtual Server Monitoring

Overview Server monitoring


Virtualized servers come with greater complexity: when malfunctions occur at the hardware level, virtual machines are also affected. With PRTG, you get a complete overview at all times. PRTG is a monitoring solution for your entire infrastructure. Create a foundation that enables your efficient data structures to run as smoothly as possible – and watch as the improved utilization pays off.

Custom Fit server monitor

Custom Fit

There are a great many virtual environments. PRTG can monitor almost every single one. PAESSLER AG is a VMware technology partner. Our Server Monitoring Tool offers predefined sensors which are automatically applied. Find more information on VMware Monitoring with PRTG. Many different virtual environments can be monitored by PRTG, such as Hyper-V, XEN, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Amazon EC2, and many more.

Flexible server monitoring


Virtual servers are often introduced when a company is in the midst of quick and vigorous growth. New system services must be installed without too much expense. PRTG is fast and easy to upgrade. It adapts to your growth dynamically. New sensors can be applied in just a few minutes and with next to no effort at all. This makes managing the server monitoring tool a real breeze.


„Hey Arne, how do I avoid false alarms during server maintenance?“

"In practice, repairs in the short-term will be necessary. While working, your monitoring will not trigger false alarms. The one-time maintenance window allows you to pause monitoring for each individual device or device group. For regular maintenance, with PRTG you can easily create an automated schedule."

Arne Seifert works in the Paessler AG Technical Support Department. much does server monitoring with PRTG cost?






Free Trial
No limitations for 30 days
Freeware Download
100 Sensors, perfekt for small networks


Needless to say, many administrators inquire about the price of PRTG’s server monitoring tool.

1. The basic version of PRTG is free and comes with 100 sensors which never expire. This is usually enough for small businesses.

2. You can try the version featuring an unlimited amount of sensors for 30 days for free. This will give you a good idea of how our monitoring tool works. Find out more about PRTG prices and licenses here: PRTG Price List.

3. All in one: No additional plug-ins are necessary for monitoring all of your servers and network. The alert feature is also included. You'll receive one tool with one license.

Start your free trial version today! Upgrade if it makes sense to do so. PRTG is installed in a few minutes.

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