Memory Monitoring

Avoid Network Problems by Monitoring Memory Usage

How Does PRTG Monitor Memory and CPU Usage?

PRTG uses SNMP and WMI for memory monitoring on Windows servers and computers. But PRTG is not only a Windows monitor: Linux operating systems can be monitored using an SNMP Daemon, or one of the native Linux sensors. You can set thresholds and configure alarms to notify you if the memory load on one or more servers is getting too high. This is especially important to servers which are accessed by many users: sometimes even the most basic applications, such as web browsers, can use up a lot of memory, which affects the overall server performance. Using the PRTG memory monitoring tool, you will be informed before memory bottlenecks occur. This way, you can take appropriate steps to ensure good network performance and avoid outages and data loss.

PRTG - More Than a Memory monitoring tool

In addition to memory monitoring, PRTG uses SNMP and WMI to monitor CPU usage,  free disk space, disk health, file changes, etc. An advanced PING sensors checks the availability and uptime of network devices, and packet capture and NetFlow can be used for advanced bandwidth utilization, router, and switch monitoring.

Why Use a Memory Usage Monitor?

Monitoring memory usage helps you to detect network overloads, before they result in downtimes or data loss. PRTG Network Monitor also helps you to identify underused servers (for example it can monitor SQL server), and redistribute loads accordingly. Using a memory usage monitor is also very important for virtualized environments.

Memory Monitor for Virtual Servers

Setting up virtual servers without knowing the physical server's network, disk, CPU, and memory usage is risky. Monitoring virtual machines gives you an idea of how high an impact your system will have on your virtual servers. Once the servers are virtualized, monitoring memory usage helps you to avoid overloads which could lead to crashes or poor network performance. At the same time, keeping track of server memory usage helps you to make the most of the available hardware resources. In addition to monitoring the physical host servers, PRTG Network Monitor includes special sensors that make it a great Hyper-V and VMware monitoring tool.

But PRTG is also a network speed monitor and can monitor NTP.

Download PRTG Now and Start Monitoring CPU and Memory Usage!

PRTG is available in two editions. If you are looking for a free CPU, memory, and disk monitor, you can download and use the Freeware Edition for personal and commercial use completely free of charge. Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.

PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful bandwidth, availability, CPU and memory monitoring tool. This powerful software solution helps you to keep on top of your network issues and to detect possible issues such as bandwidth congestion or server overloads at an early stage.

The software features powerful memory monitoring capabilites, which are not only ideal for monitoring memory readings on Windows machines, but  can also be used for monitoring memory on Linux and Mac OS X computers.

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