Fair and Simple Licensing

PRTG has a clear, straightforward licensing
structure and its pricing is optimized for SMEs.


  • No add-ons, no modules –
    every feature is included in each license
  • Multi-location monitoring and failover cluster included
  • Fair upgrade model – just pay the price difference


unlimited info



Monitor up to
10 devices


Sensors info


$ 1,600

Monitor up to
50 devices


Sensors info


$ 2,850

Monitor up to
100 devices


Sensors info


$ 6,150

Monitor up to
250 devices


Sensors info


$ 10,500

Monitor up to
500 devices

best value


unlimited info


$ 16,900

No software-
defined limits


unlimited info


$ 60,000

No software-
defined limits


Trial – Unlimited sensors (unlimited devices) for 30 Days
Freeware – 100 Sensors (up to 10 Devices) free forever
PRTG 500 – Monitor up to 50 devices with 500 Sensors
PRTG 1000 – Monitor up to 100 devices with 1000 sensors
PRTG 2500 – Monitor up to 250 devices with 2500 sensors
PRTG 5000 – Monitor up to 500 devices with 5000 sensors
PRTG XL 1 – This license allows one single core server installation
without software-defined limits for the number of sensors, probes, users, etc.
PRTG XL 5 – This license allows up to 5 core server installations of a company worldwide
without software-defined limits for the number of sensors, probes, users, etc.

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How to choose
the right license

What is a sensor, what can I monitor, how does PRTG work and more: FAQ on PRTG Network Monitor

How can I order, what is the difference between licenses and what terms and conditions are there? FAQ on How To Order PRTG

Read FAQ

Upgrades –
Get More Sensors

Are you running out of sensors? 

We offer an easy upgrade path for PRTG that allows you to upgrade an existing PRTG license to any higher license by just paying the price difference.

Upgrade license

Updates –
Renew Mainenance

While your maintenance plan is still active, you can download all updates for free. We recommend you use the "Auto-Update" feature to update your PRTG installation.

Has your maintenance expired?
Renew now and benefit from the latest improvements and features.

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"I have to say I love PRTG. Shortly after we installed the evaluation software we found several issues that we had not noticed on our network before. Your product is top notch and is affordable for those on tight budgets!"

Jon Marte, Northland Church, A Church Distributed

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