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 Monitoring the IT in your sector

Each sector has its own requirements and challenges. Whether it's industrial IT, medical infrastructure or IT in government:
PRTG has everything you need to monitor your business' IT and more.



  • IoT solutions for condition monitoring of buildings
  • Earlier damage detection & predictive maintenance
  • Reduction of resource consumption with smart metering
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  • Unified overview of your entire IT, OT, and IIoT...
  • Health and condition monitoring of components like PLCs,...
  • Monitoring of industrial devices of the most important...
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  • Central overview of both your classic IT & healthcare IT
  • Performance & availability monitoring of medical devices
  • Full support of common healthcare industry protocols
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  • Insights into Government 2.0 systems & the entire network
  • Full support and integration of common technologies
  • Comprehensive monitoring of e-government services
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  • Central overview of your entire financial IT...
  • Comprehensive insights into compliance with governmental...
  • Reliable security, application, and performance...
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  • Central overview of your educational IT infrastructure,...
  • Full support and out-of-the-box integration of common...
  • Highly transparent licensing and fair pricing with all...
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