Monitor Exchange

Make Sure Your Email Servers are Working Correctly
Using PRTG Network Monitor

Why Monitor Exchange?

If you monitor your Exchange servers, you will be able to spot email delivery issues in a timely fashion. This helps you to keep downtime to a minimum, and to quickly identify the root of the problem.


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Monitor Exchange Servers and Databases Using The Email Round Trip Sensor

PRTG Network Monitor is Paessler's powerful LAN and WAN monitoring software. The network utility checks the availability of network devices, tracks bandwidth usage, and gives you a complete overview of your network.

This is how it works: PRTG's Email Round Trip Sensor allows you to monitor Exchange Server availability and performance and also ensure email end-to-end delivery. It checks whether your Exchange Server is delivering emails to the outside world properly and whether it is receiving properly, too. In addition, it provides you with timespan metrics of the entire send and receive process.

Moreover, PRTG offers sensors for standard SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
monitoring to check the availability of these services and even provides special WMI and Powershell sensors to monitor the health of your Exchange Server. Watch this tutorial by Paessler and get the whole picture in only 12 minutes.

The Entire Email Cycle At A Glance

Easy Exchange and Email Monitoring With PRTG

Communication is vital for a smooth course of business. Despite the appeal of VoIP and video conferencing, email is still the most important means of communications for most companies. Delays with email delivery or even loss of emails can cause huge problems and, in the worst case, endanger a company’s existence. Therefore assuring a reliable email distribution process is one of the most important tasks for the IT administrator.

Monitoring the Entire Email Send and Receive Cycle

Beyond monitoring the Exchange, IMAP, POP3 or SMTP server, PRTG Network Monitor offers a full range of features that to monitor the entire send- and receive-cycle of the email communication. A particularly efficient option is being delivered by the Email Round Trip Sensors. PRTG sends an email to an external email account (should be a reliable service – we made good experiences with Google Mail) that sends an automatic reply. This way PRTG can check whether emails can be sent and received but also, if monitoring also the exchange server, the time the send and receive cycle took.

All Details Under Control

To allow the complete monitoring of the Exchange Server, PRTG offers a couple of different sensors. That includes various Powershell-based sensors for monitoring back-ups, databases and email queues of the Exchange Server, but also special WMI sensors which enable a very detailed monitoring of the Exchange Server. Additional pre-defined sensors allow monitoring of POP3, SMTP, and IMAP servers.

PRTG: Monitor Exchange, Network Traffic, Events, etc.

Free With Up To 30 Sensors

In addition to email and Exchange monitoring, PRTG can be used for bandwidth, availability, and performance monitoring. Its event monitoring and threshold monitoring abilities help you to detect all network issues at an early stage. Furthermore, you can monitor log files, internet usage, windows services, and use PRTG as a network mapping software. Although PRTG needs to run on a Windows computer, you can also use the software for Linux network monitoring.

With the 30 sensors freeware edition of PRTG, Paessler offers a completely free solution for monitoring all vital components required for sending and receiving emails. Even with a very detailed configuration, there are still enough sensors in reserve for integrating other areas of your network like data lines, storage systems, firewalls into your monitoring. Beyond this the PRTG Freeware edition offers the entire feature set of the full version including database, reporting, alerting and notifications as well as all options for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure are included without any further restrictions.

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