Email Monitoring

Ensure Email Delivery Using PRTG Network Monitor

As the importance of electronic mail has grown both for internal communications with co-workers and for external communications with customers, suppliers and business partners, so has the need to ensure that your email servers are working properly. Monitoring and maintaining the health of your email servers has become vital in your business' communication and even in its very existence.

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-in-one network monitoring solution, which covers the complete range of monitoring needs from availability monitoring to bandwidth and usage monitoring, as well as database (Oracle, mySQL, SQL) and email monitoring. PRTG can easily be installed on Windows 7 or later, or on Windows Server 2012, and can be quickly configured using its intuitive Ajax-based web interface. PRTG comes with preconfigured device templates (e.g. MS Exchange) so that Email monitoring with auto discovery is set up and functioning within minutes.

PRTG's standard SMTP monitoring, POP3 and IMAP sensors check the availability of these services and inform you if an outage occurs. See the full list of supported features and sensor types.

Freeware and free 30-day-trial available!

Monitoring End-to-End Delivery

Proper email monitoring also requires being able to ensure the end-to-end delivery of emails. For that purpose PRTG Network Monitor includes two dedicated email round trip sensors that make it possible to monitor availability and performance of the complete email delivery process:

  • SMTP monitoring & IMAP Round Trip Sensor
  • SMTP monitoring & POP3 Round Trip Sensor

How does it work?

Both sensor types initially deliver an email to a mail server using SMTP. Then a mailbox is scanned using POP3 or IMAP until the email arrives. The graph on the right shows a sample configuration:

  • Step 1: PRTG delivers an email via the SMTP protocol to a mail server (just like an email client).
  • Step 2: The SMTP server delivers the email to a POP3 server (which can be located at a remote site, in your local LAN or on the same server).
  • Step 3: Every few seconds PRTG retrieves emails from the POP3 server until the test email arrives.


Read more about how to set up and configure round trip email monitoring in Dirk's blog.

PRTG Freeware Edition Supports Email Monitoring

Setting up email monitoring does not have to be expensive: PRTG Network Monitor's Freeware Edition includes all sensor types (including an SNMP Trap monitor). This Freeware Edition is completely free for personal and commercial use, and may be downloaded at no cost. It includes 100 sensors.

Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.. You can set up and test email monitoring with the fully functional 30-Day-Trial-Edition.

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