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Monitor PRTG

  • Keep an eye on your entire hardware devices in your network
  • CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Printer, Router, Switches, and more
  • PRTG alerts you before hardware errors occur


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Perfectly Customizable Hardware Monitor

Hardware monitoring begins with a simple ping test: PRTG monitors your hardware and checks to make sure all servers work and computers are accessible. If the ping test fails, the device is either switched off or the problem lies with a cable that is damaged or not plugged in, or else with a faulty internet connection.

PRTG provides an alert as soon as a ping test fails, and lets you fix network and hardware problems on the spot.

Of course, PRTG monitors the status and properties of all your hardware of different producers like IBM, DellCisco, or LinksysIt additionally gives you a system information overview for every device. 


i Ping is a command-line utility, available on virtually any operating system with network connectivity, that acts as a test to see if a networked device is reachable. The ping command sends a request over the network to a specific device. A successful ping results in a response from the computer that was pinged back to the originating computer. Read more ...

What is a sensor?

by Kimberley, Senior System Engineer

What, exactly, is a "sensor" within PRTG? What is a "channel"? This video discusses PRTG sensors and channels, including a few concrete examples of both, to illustrate this fundamental PRTG concept.

View video (4:34 min.)

Hardware Monitoring CPU RAM

CPU and RAM Monitoring

PRTG monitors your CPUs and memory capacities at a glance. The monitoring tool alerts you ahead of time if there are any issues with loads, temperature, or any other failures.


Hardwareüberwachung Festplatte

Hard drive monitoring

PRTG provides an alert if the amount of free disk space becomes too low, records changes in data, and can even determine if a certain file is available. Data losses are avoided. And hard drives can quickly be replaced or supplemented. Even NAS systems and storage area networks (SANs) can be monitored.


Hardware Monitoring Drucker

Printer monitoring

Our hardware monitor also monitors network printers. You not only obtain information regarding the printer's accessibility, but also information on the cartridge's ink level, the number of printed pages, and whether any specific error messages have appeared.


Hardware Router und Switches

Router and switch monitoring

PRTG monitors network hardware (routers, switches), as well as everything else of interest to administrators, such as network traffic, software, and websites. You thereby learn which devices, programs, or users produce the most traffic in your network, or where in your network shortages occur.


Alle anderen Geräte überwachen

All Other hardware and devices

PRTG can monitor any other computer and devices which support SNMP. Our API and custom sensors are available for your individual monitoring setup. In addition, PRTG performs the monitoring of environmental settings, such as the temperature and humidity inside your server rooms.

Here's what the hardware monitoring
software PRTG looks like


Battery Temperature

Xen Server

Laser Jet Sensor

3 good reasons
to choose PRTG as your Hardware Monitor



More stable work processes with hardware monitoring

Hardware always seems to stop working when you need it the most. At critical moments, such as just before a deadline, productivity losses can be very costly and result in contractual penalties. Data plays an increasingly vital role in your business. This means that when losses in data occur, you feel it that much more.

PRTG lets you act before problems occur

PRTG alerts administrators if the system is at risk: before the memory overloads, before the printer runs out of ink, and before the router fails. Nevertheless, IT professionals should not have to be concerned with the status of hardware any more than is necessary. Hard drives should function smoothly, printers must be ready, and all devices are to run reliably. PRTG takes care of all of this. Our hardware monitoring software makes life easy for administrators by running dependably in the background.

Thanks to PRTG, work process disruptions and sales losses can be avoided.

With PRTG, everyone in the office can rest assured

IT professionals are forced to resolve many issues within strict time constraints and an IT environment which is becoming more and more complex. PRTG automates routine tasks. After all, you already have enough on your plate. Hardware monitoring does not have to make things more difficult.

Your hardware AT A GLANCE

PRTG can be started within minutes and it's compatible with many mobile devices.


“The greatest advantage of PRTG? You get to rest easy“

Steffen Ille, Bauhaus-University Weimar.

PRTG simplifies your daily life!

Let the Hardware Monitoring Software work for you.
Focus on your daily work instead.

PRTG saves your effort

Monitor your complete hardware around the clock and with no stress at all. The built-in alarm feature alerts you even before problems occur – to avoid downtimes and complaints.

PRTG saves time

With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool for all of your hardware devices and their properties. Thanks to our dashboard and app, you’ll enjoy quick and comprehensive overviews any time you like.

PRTG saves money

80% of our customers report substantial or even exceptional cost savings in the area of hardware management. The experience of our customers shows that the costs for licenses have paid for themselves within a matter of weeks.

Simplifies your daily work

Hardware piece of mind

Peace of mind

PRTG runs in the background and keeps 24/7 an eye on your hardware. You are alerted before things become urgent - which means you have plenty of time to fix the problem. This provides peace of mind.

Confidence Hardware

Work with confidence

With PRTG, you get a data cockpit comprised of amazing features which make monitoring your network devices an absolute breeze. The intuitive web user interface provides you with an overview of all sensor data. Finding your way around is made easy.

Save time with hardware monitoring

Time for more important things

The time you used to spend checking your hardware is now freed up for other tasks. This opens the way for exciting and innovative projects. Meet new challenges head-on instead of spending time on routine tasks.

Flexibility monitoring

Optimized sourcing

Thanks to the overview, you can promptly scale your hardware when needed, i.e. procure new hard drives before they are full, and replace devices in a timely manner. Reduce costs with needs-based purchases.

Hardware management

Happy management

With PRTG, create maps and reports demonstrating how effectively your IT system runs and how sales can increase as a result of less downtime. And thereby provide a convincing argument to management regarding the value of your work. Reach - and boast - 100% uptime with PRTG.

Notification System
Be Alerted Before hardware problems occur


PRTG features a variety of alert types: E-mail, SMS, Pager, Apps, running an external application, etc.
You can specify when and how each person is to be informed. To do so, you can add contacts and edit, delete, or pause your notifications at any time.


The notification system is built into the hardware monitoring software and is available at no extra charge. Because of its integrated quality, configuring the alert feature is done in just a few clicks.


PRTG won't wait to let you know if your hardware is "on fire." Of course you can define your own thresholds. If these are crossed, you'll receive a corresponding notification. This means you can intervene promptly before clients or coworkers are aware of any problems.

Award winning solution

We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use
as possible for our customers each and every day.
Of course it makes us proud when we get awards for that.



PRTG: The Swiss Army Knife for Admins


Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs relying on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects using HTTP requests
  • Custom Sensors: Create your own sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom Notifications: Create your own notifications to send alarms to external systems

German Quality




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With PRTG, Paessler AG offers a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use unified monitoring tool. Over 200,000 administrators worldwide use our software, whether it be to monitor their server performance, virtual environments, or even the accessibility of their websites. PRTG is a network analysis solution for Windows.

Our network monitoring software was created in 1997 by Dirk Paessler. We are an established software company with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. We place great value on our high standards and never stop developing our software. And if ever there is an issue, our support team usually responds within 24 hours (except weekends). 

Opt for hardware monitoring with PRTG. You'll save time, money, and effort.The trial version is for free, allowing you to evaluate our monitoring tool with no strings attached. And you can upgrade whenever you'd like.



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