Network analysis and
network diagnosis with PRTG


  • Speed up the diagnostic and troubleshooting process

  • Sensors for applications, operating systems, and hardware

  • SNMP, NetFlow,
    Packet Sniffing

  • Avoid problems in
    the future


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A 2 minute introduction to the PRTG network analysis tool


Network diagnostics:
How to find the needle in the haystack


Network diagnosis is something most administrators dread. With a little luck, the glitch can be found within a few hours. But more often than not, several days are required to rummage through logs and detect the source of the error. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

The network diagnostic tool PRTG quickly puts you on the right path and ensures network performance.

3 steps for performing a network diagnosis:

Narrow the search for errors

Narrow the search for errors

Use PRTG to get an overall picture. PRTG lets you monitor complex IT infrastructures in their entirety. A quick glance is all it takes to see which devices, applications, and web services are running trouble-free. You’ll gain access to network data from various time periods which will allow you to quickly analyze the functionality of all your components and significantly limit your error search. With the newfound insight, you'll have taken a big step in eradicating the problem.

 Use a specialized diagnostic tool

Use a specialized diagnostic tool

Once you’ve gotten closer to the source of the error and received a good idea from the data gathered by PRTG of where the problem lies, it’s time to deploy an appropriate diagnostic software – after all, now you know where to look! Many hardware manufacturers (such as HP or Dell) and operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux) come with special tools that can help you perform detailed troubleshooting. Even diagnostic tools like Wireshark or NDT will help detect network connection problems, for example.

Eliminate the errors

Eliminate the errors

Work your sysadmin magic to remove the glitches and get your network back on its feet. You’ll then want to ensure that you are able to identify future network diagnosis problems as quickly as possible by configuring your monitoring accordingly. To do so, look no further than to the PRTG Network Analysis Tool. The long-term data capturing of PRTG and custom alarms in the event of suspicious developments in your network data will allow you to ensure your network functions at 100% efficiency. Thanks to the PRTG network monitoring, you can work in a proactive manner.


This is what your monitoring dashboard might look like!


Free Download

Unlimited version of PRTG for 30 days. After 30 days, PRTG reverts to a free version.
Or, you can upgrade to a paid license anytime.



A few PRTG sensors that will help you get started with network diagnostics at once

Server diagnosis

Your DNS server is down and you don’t know why? Use our DNS Sensor to monitor response times and the proper resolution of the domain name to quickly get an idea of the possible roots of problems. With our server sensors, you’ll also be able to keep a constant eye on all your servers. If the server goes down, you’ll be notified at once. PRTG offers monitoring sensors for web servers, mail servers, database servers, and more. 

Event Log Monitoring

Want to keep an eye on your system’s log files? Then use our Event Log (Windows API) Sensor or WMI Event Log Sensor. In the event of a sudden spike in log entires, PRTG will send you a notification at once. Event log sensors monitor the number of new entries per second. You can filter by log files, event types, sources, messages, etc. With appropriate scripting knowledge and your own, user-defined sensors, you can also have PRTG read and monitor the logs of target systems such as your CDN.


Whether Windows SQL Server, SharePoint, folders, or files: PRTG gives you access to a variety of pre-configured Windows sensors. These sensors rely on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and performance counters. You can also configure the sensors individually. An overview


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“Fantastic network and infrastructure monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and easier still to use. Simply the best available.”

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“Software is absolutely perfect, Support is superior. Meets all needs and requirements, This is a must have solution if you are needing any form of monitoring.”

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“The tool excels at its primary focus of being a unified infrastructure management and network monitoring service.”

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In the future: Avoid time-consuming network diagnostics with PRTG!

 i What is a sensor?

In PRTG, “sensors” are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your network, e.g. the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, the free space of a disk drive. On average you need about 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port.

View video (3:26 min.)

Thousands of sensors for monitoring

Thousands of sensors for monitoring

PRTG is perfect for both medium-sized companies as well as complex, international IT infrastructures. Thanks to our flexible license model, you can choose a version that best suits what is going on with your own particular network.

Historical data

Historical data

By monitoring your network constantly, the network diagnostic tool PRTG provides you with historical data. This data will allow you to quickly narrow the possible cause of the malfunction – such as when you are expanding your network or launching new applications, and disruptions occur at a certain point in time.

Alarm system

Alarm system

PRTG features a custom alarm system. It will send you an alarm any time a certain limit is reached. Because you are notified at the very first sign of a problem, you can promptly take appropriate action. The alarm system is included.



PRTG generates custom reports and sends them to whoever you please. You can signal, for example, that due to increased traffic the IT infrastructure is in need of upgrading.




PRTG comes with extensive technical support! Our support team usually answers inquiries within 24 hours. You will also find helpful information in our manual, knowledge base, and video tutorials.


Free Download

Unlimited version of PRTG for 30 days. After 30 days, PRTG reverts to a free version.
Or, you can upgrade to a paid license anytime.



Network analysis:
Other helpful PRTG sensors


SNMP lets you monitor hardware and software, and keep a constant eye on the performance of your network. PRTG comes with several pre-configured sensors for all the biggest manufacturers, including Cisco, Dell, and HP. More on SNMP monitoring


The PRTG flow sensors monitor bandwidth and the details of your traffic. Flow technology is primarily used by Cisco routers and switches. PRTG supports all current NetFlow versions. More on NetFlow monitoring

Packet Sniffing

The PRTG packet sniffing sensors provide in-depth monitoring of your traffic. They let you quickly get to the root of network connection problems. PRTG can filter data according to IP addresses, data types, data packets, and protocols. More on packet sniffing monitoring


Want to keep a constant eye on your network traffic
and performance, even while on the go?

PRTG can be started within minutes and it's compatible with many mobile devices.


PRTG comes with all the features you need, plus more your IT infrastructure won't want to live without.


PRTG monitors these vendors and applications, and more, in one view!



“Hey Dirk, what do you think about network monitoring?”

“Without network monitoring, it can easily take several hours to locate a network error, such as identifying a router which isn't working properly. Costs can quickly pile up due to unused man days. With a monitoring service, the amount of downtime can be minimized and in many cases even proactively eliminated. With our PRTG monitoring tool, we hope to simplify the job of administrators so they can go about their work efficiently and with less stress.”

Dirk Paessler, founder of Paessler AG


Network analysis and network diagnosis:
Similarities and differences

Network analysis and network diagnosis are often used in the same context.
The two terms, however, do not necessarily mean the same thing.

 What is network diagnosis?

What is network diagnosis?

A network diagnosis is usually performed if a concrete problem has occurred in the network. Connections are down, the network malfunctions or is slow, or important servers are offline. It’s the sysadmin’s job to find the errors and fix them. There are special tools for network diagnoses, such as those provided by hardware manufacturers or found in virtualization and cloud software. At the same time, diagnostic tools are extremely specific. Administrators need a tool to provide them with an overview and the historical data to carry out an analysis. That’s where PRTG comes in.

What is network analysis?

What is network analysis?

Those looking to carry out a network analysis are usually not yet confronted with a specific problem. Most sysadmins are aware that they should be monitoring their networks, for when disruptions arise, they can get to the causes a lot faster. The PRTG network monitoring software is just what they need. A centralized tool, PRTG allows administrators to monitor their networks, websites, systems, and applications, and therefore discover previously unrecognized interconnections between their various network components.



With the Business Process Sensor, you can summarize the status of several network components into one status. It can also be used to complement network diagnoses by immediately showing you which components might be behind a process malfunctioning. Find examples here.


Network diagnostic tools:
Windows, Linux, OS

Windows network diagnostics

Windows network diagnostics: Time and again, Windows servers and operating systems (including Windows 7, 10, etc.) encounter problems. Their built-in network diagnosis tools can help you uncover these problems – as long as you have a basic overview of your network. Otherwise you are unlikely to have an idea of where to start. PRTG comes with dozens of WMI sensors for Windows systems. You can also use SNMP or Windows performance counters to monitor Windows. 

 Linux network diagnostics

Linux network diagnostics
: Linux is used by administrators in a variety of different situations. Because there are so many different Linux distributions, a central overview provided by one tool which can support all these characteristics is all the more necessary. When network problems arise, Linux also offers diagnosis tools which will help PRTG put you on the right troubleshooting path.

 macOS network diagnostics

macOS network diagnostics
: PRTG monitors your network traffic on a permanent basis. Historical data provides you with a long-term database and allows you to constantly optimize your network.  


Free Download

Unlimited version of PRTG for 30 days. After 30 days, PRTG reverts to a free version.
Or, you can upgrade to a paid license anytime.



PRTG simplifies your day

Our monitoring software works for you and promptly notifies you of potential issues.
It frees you to concentrate on your day-to-day tasks with peace of mind.


PRTG saves time

With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool for your servers and entire network. Enjoy a quick overview of your whole infrastructure via our dashboard and app.

PRTG saves worry

Customizing PRTG is a breeze. Getting started or switching from another network monitoring tool is easy thanks to the auto-discovery and pre-configured device templates.

PRTG saves money

80% of our customers report substantial or even exceptional cost savings in the area of network monitoring. The experience shows that the costs for licenses have paid for themselves within a matter of weeks.



Also interesting:

WiFi Monitoring: With a WiFi Analyzer you are able to monitor the status of your Wireless Network. PRTG enables you to keep an eye over the device status, load, traffic, speed and signal strength of each router.

IP SLA Monitoring: PRTG monitors the quality of your VoIP-connections (jitter, latency, and other values). By preventing malfunctions and verifying service level agreements, you’ll save time and money.

Network Security Monitoring: PRTG monitors your firewalls, ports, servers, and much more. Prompt alerts allow you to quickly identify irregularities in your network and maintain the security of your network.



“The greatest advantage of PRTG? You get to rest easy.“

Steffen Ille, Bauhaus-University of Weimar, Germany


PRTG is worth it: You’ll optimize your entire IT!

The costs for a one-year PRTG license usually pay for themselves within a few weeks.


PRTG improves the reliability
of your network

PRTG saves
network management costs

PRTG saves time spent on
network management


Tips from our knowledge base


Defining “down” status: Other tips on event log sensors

Excessive bandwidth consumption: See our network analysis tips



PRTG The Swiss Army knife

PRTG: The Swiss Army knife for sysadmins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs relying on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects using HTTP requests
  • Custom Sensors: Create your own sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom Notifications: Create your own notifications to send alarms to external systems
  • REST Custom Sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides XML or JSON


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More than 300,000 sysadmins love PRTG

PRTG is used by companies of all sizes. Sysadmins love PRTG because it makes their job a whole lot easier.

Still not convinced?


Monitor your entire IT infrastructure

Bandwidth, servers, virtual environments, websites, VoIP services – PRTG keeps an eye on your entire network.




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