Network visibility with 
UVexplorer and PRTG

Enrich your PRTG experience with UVexplorer: 
UVexplorer integrates tightly with PRTG and delivers powerful network discovery,
detailed device inventory, and automatic network maps.

UV networks Uptime Alliance Partner

Enhance PRTG with automapping by UVexplorer


The PRTG map editor is a great tool for creating individual maps and dashboards of your IT infrastructure.

Sometimes, especially for larger networks or frequently changing networks, automatically generated maps can help you keep an overview of everything.

UVexplorer by UVnetworks performs a fast and detailed network discovery and automatically generates network maps that visualize your network's structure and connectivity right down to the port level, including wireless and virtual infrastructure.

It also collects inventory information of the detected devices. UVexplorer integrates tightly with PRTG Network Monitor to combine its advanced discovery, inventory, and mapping features with the powerful network monitoring capabilities of PRTG.

Data generated by UVexplorer can be exported to PRTG and then used for setting up sensors and devices and to organize your monitoring. 

Benefits for Paessler and UVnetworks customers:

  • Automatically generated layer-2 network topology maps
  • Inventory reports
  • Advanced IT-infrastructure monitoring


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Solution benefits


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Improved visibility

Advanced IT-infrastructure monitoring

benefits savings white

Enhanced reporting

Access to inventory reports

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Operational improvements

Automatically generated
layer-2 network topology maps


UVexplorer: Layer 2 discovery for PRTG


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UVnetworks has expanded their network mapping solution UVexplorer to easily integrate with PRTG. You want to learn more? Then take a look at our blog article:



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