Monitor and Optimize Your CDN with PRTG

  • PRTG monitors the global distribution of traffic
  • PRTG monitors the response times of your CDN
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of fluctuations in traffic
  • PRTG shows detailed data of all CDN nodes, origin servers, and involved components


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CDN monitoring:
Keep an eye on the global response times of your CDN

Without a content delivery network, it is difficult to maintain the user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and performance of globally-distributed websites and web applications. By distributing content to several different replica servers, you can promptly process hits, detect peak loads, and scale demand. PRTG is used to monitor content delivery networks (CDNs).

CDN monitoring with PRTG offers you an overview of traffic distribution between international DN nodes, as well as information on traffic strength, response times, and potential weak spots. You'll also gain valuable insight into the relationship between costs and speed. CDN monitoring can be used to make informed decisions on the future development and optimization of your CDN.

Monitor your CDN and the customer experience

To ensure a properly working CDN, it is not only important to directly monitor the CDN nodes and connections. You also have to closely watch your origin servers, because any increase in server data might indicate a malfunctioning CDN. With PRTG you can retrieve important data of the origins like the overall load on the server, CPU usage, or the numbers of pages served. In the same way you should monitor all involved hardware components between the CDN and your origin servers. Your CDN might not work as desired if there is strange behavior like high load und errors on load balancers, firewalls, or web servers, or if all traffic is coming to your origins. PRTG can monitor all necessary parameters and will immediately notify you in such cases.

Additionally, keep an eye on what your customers experience when visiting your web pages. For example, use the PRTG cloud sensors to measure ping and HTTP loading times of your web pages from various locations around the globe. With PRTG, you can also set up automatic content checks for your web pages: for example, ensure that all locations are really showing the new version after an update of a web page.

Customize CDN Monitoring with PRTG

If you have programming experience, you can perfectly adapt the CDN monitoring with PRTG to get an even closer view on your CDN. For example, write a script and use custom sensors to read out the CDN log with PRTG. Doing so you will immediately see if there are any errors. Or, if your CDN provider has an API, write a custom script to monitor accessible CDN parameters. With PRTG you can monitor exactly what you need!

With PRTG, administrators get an overview of their CDN, website visitors are given the best possible online experience, and managers obtain an optimized conversion rate and reliable figures for the expansion of their CDN. Improve the performance of your CDN, and solve problems before they arise.

Thanks to PRTG, everyone will work with peace of mind.

PRTG collects the following data:


  • Bandwidth for outstanding CDN endpoints
  • Latency
  • Global HTTP response times and response codes
  • Global ping times
  • Content checks in all locations
  • Logs of the CDN
  • Detailed data of the origin servers like load, CPU usage, number of pages served
  • Detailed data of all components between CDN and origin servers: load balancers, firewalls, web servers, traffic
  • Possibility to retrieve data via the API of your CDN provider (if available)

An introduction to CDN monitoring with PRTG



Windows Updates Status (Powershell) Sensor

Windows Updates Status (Powershell) Sensor

This is how CDN monitoring with PRTG works

A CDN is a network of regionally-distributed servers which uses its storage capacities to mirror your contents locally. Requests can therefore be answered more quickly by a nearby replica server than by a remote original server.

PRTG CDN monitoring keeps an eye on load balance and checks regional traffic for stability, uptime, speed, and bandwidth consumption, and you can check your origin servers and all components on the way from and to the CDN for unwanted behavior and errors. Alarms can be configured in such a way that the administrator is immediately informed when preset thresholds fall below or exceed a certain value.

Six good reasons to choose PRTG as your CDN monitoring tool

Lan Montoring Workstations

An enhanced overview

Enjoy a quick and easy overview of individual DN nodes, your origin servers, regional traffic, and the performance of your CDN – all from the comfort of your dashboard.

Automatic notifications

If problems arise, you'll be informed immediately by email, SMS, push notification, or a customized alarm, wherever you happen to be.

An optimum online experience

With CDN monitoring, you’ll offer visitors to your website and potential customers a professional online experience, all the while optimizing your conversion rate and increasing sales.

Business security

CDN monitoring lets you identify unusual incidents and examine fluctuations in traffic. This means you can prevent critical errors and set up new capacities in a timely manner.

Lan Montoring Workstations

CDN structure analysis

With PRTG, you’ll find out how data traffic is structured in your CDN, and can develop appropriate solutions for content, referencing, and expansion.

Geographically-optimized referencing

Optimize search engine referencing by monitoring CDN hits according to node, country, and region, and ensure an acceptable webpage performance and an up-to-date content on all locations.

PRTG makes life easier!

Let our CDN monitoring software work for you. So you can concentrate on your day-to-day tasks with peace of mind.


With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool for your CDN. You'll enjoy a quick and complete overview at all times via our dashboard and app.


Monitoring your CDN around the clock has never been easier. The built-in alarm feature is quick to act - before crashes and complaints arise.


80% of our customers report substantial savings in the area of network management. And licenses costs pay for themselves in an average of only 3 1/2 months.


“We can all work with greater peace of mind knowing that our systems are constantly being monitored.”

Markus Puke, Network Administrator, Schüchtermann Klinik, Germany.


200,000 system administrators worldwide 
trust our software. Every Day.

Your CDN Monitoring at a Glance –
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PRTG can be installed within minutes and it's compatible with many mobile devices.


Award winning solution

We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use
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Over 95% of our customers recommend PRTG

Paessler AG created an extensive survey to interview more than 600 IT departments worldwide who use PRTG. The goal of this survey was to optimize and fine-tune our network monitoring software to better meet the needs of administrators.

One survey result: More than 95% of the participants would recommend PRTG - or have already done so.


PRTG: The swiss army knife for sys admins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs relying on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects using HTTP requests
  • Custom Sensors: Create your own sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom Notifications: Create your own notifications to send alarms to external systems
  • New REST API Sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides XML or JSON



PRTG is the PAESLLER AG's network monitoring tool. Our software is used by more than 200,000 administrators worldwide, whether it be to monitor their hardware and server performance, virtual environments, or the accessibility of their websites. PRTG is a network analysis solution for Windows.

Our network monitoring software, created in 1997, is the brainchild of Dirk Paessler. The software firm is located in Nuremberg, Germany. We are driven by the highest of standards as we continue to perfect our software. And should you ever encounter a glitch, our technical support department generally answers inquiries within 24 hours.

Set up PRTG CDN monitoring for your international target group. You'll save time, worry, and money. PRTG is installed in two short minutes. You get 100 free sensors, plenty for small networks. Upgrade whenever you like.


Network Monitoring Software for Windows - Version (September 11th, 2017)


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