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PRTG Makes Switch Monitoring Easy and Gives You a Complete Overview of Your Network Traffic


Monitoring your switches helps you to understand what or who is using your bandwidth. PRTG Network Monitor uses SNMP, packet sniffing, and NetFlow / sFlow / jFlow for advanced switch monitoring. SNMP is a basic means of determining how much traffic is flowing through your network and allows you to monitor switch ports. If you would also like to analyze bandwidth usage based on protocol or IP address, you should use packet sniffing or NetFlow / sFlow / jFlow.

Monitor Switch Using SNMP

When this technology is used, PRTG monitors the switches (or other devices such as routers and servers) for the traffic counters of each port. Of the three methods, this option creates the lowest CPU and network load .

Switch Monitoring Using Packet Sniffing

PRTG's built-in packet sniffer inspects all network data packets either passing a computer's network card, or the data packets sent by a switch's monitoring port. Of the three switch monitoring technologies offered by PRTG,  this one creates the most CPU and network load. For larger networks, PRTG offers remote probes that distribute the load and assure maximum performance.

NetFlow / sFlow / jFlow

Many professional routers and switches from vendors such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, and others, support NetFlow or sFlow / jFlow export for bandwidth usage monitoring. This is the most powerful switch monitoring method suitable for high traffic networks. These NetFlow (or sFlow / jFlow) switches internally track the bandwidth usage, and send the pre-aggregated data to PRTG, where it is displayed or analyzed. This way, the computing load for PRTG is much lower.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG is a complete network management solution, which offers much more than only the ability to monitor switch ports. The software is great for computer monitoring (CPU monitoring, disk space monitoring), network availability and performance checks, and for network analysis and troubleshooting. It features a flexible and versatile notification system, which helps you to react quickly and proactively to network issues.


For example, if you monitor CPU temperature on your servers, you can set a certain threshold: once this threshold is being crossed, the Windows monitor CPU will notify you via email, pager, sound, or text message, thus allowing you to take action before any harm is caused or a downtime occurs.


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