Port Monitoring

Port Monitoring: Track Bandwidth Usage by Port, Protocol,
or IP Address


PRTG Network Monitor is Paessler's powerful bandwidth and network monitoring tool. It uses SNMP, packet sniffing, and NetFlow / sFlow to capture network traffic and measure network throughput.

The PRTG tcp Port Monitor is easy to set up and very intuitive to use. It tries to connect to the specified TCP/IP port number of a device and waits for the request to be accepted. Depending on your settings, it can alert you either when the monitored port is open, or when it is closed. For easy port monitoring, it includes the SNMP traffic sensor, which Supports monitoring bandwidth (bits/s) and volume (bytes), as well as the number of packets and errors via SNMP for a port of a network card on a PC, server, switch, firewall, printer etc. In switched networks, you can use packet sniffing for advanced port monitoring: using the monitoring port, you can easily monitor internet usage across your network.

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SNMP Traffic SensorSNMP Traffic Sensor

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Apart from port monitoring, PRTG's comprehensive functionality includes computer monitoring (CPU and memory load, free disk space, etc.), server monitoring (file, email, database servers etc.), VoIP traffic monitoring (packet loss, jitter, latency), URL monitoring (website uptime and functionality), and much more.

PRTG Network Monitoring Software is available in two editions. For basic, free port monitoring, the Freeware Edition may be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use completely free of charge. Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.

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