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Wide area networks (WANs) are especially prone to network problems, as they are distributed over large areas and often span several countries or even continents.

The data flows in a WAN include not only emails, but also many other business-critical applications, such as database applications, CRM systems, VoIP traffic, etc, which need to be available in real time.

Problems in the WAN connection can therefore result in an interruption of business processes, low productivity, and significant economic losses.

Why Use WAN Monitoring Software?

Using real-time WAN monitoring software such as PRTG Network Monitor helps you to control WAN bandwidth, to monitor WAN traffic and to effectively troubleshoot all network issues.

The software's flexible alerting system notifies you should a problem occur or when a certain threshold is being crossed, allowing you to allocate bandwidth to the most important applications, add resources if necessary and to fix problems before they affect WAN performance. The software also enables you to monitor the impact of your optimizations.

WAN Traffic Monitoring


PRTG can monitor WAN traffic using SNMP, packet sniffing, and NetFLow / sFlow / jFlow. Easy-to-read graphs and tables show you usage trends and help you to determine whether enough WAN bandwidth is available for all your applications.

Using PRTG's PING sensor or the QoS sensors, you can also check latency, packet loss, and jitter in your network. These measures are important for assessing the quality of your WAN connection.

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

In addition, the PRTG WAN monitoring software allows you to monitor internet usage, check CPU and Windows memory usagemonitor Exchangeservers, monitor file changes, free disk space, etc. The software can also be used for hardware monitoringmail server monitoring, WMI monitoring, Linux network monitoring. Thus PRTG ensures the complete monitoring of your networks.

Download PRTG Now for Advanced WAN Traffic Monitoring

Download the free trial version now and see for yourself how you can increase both network performance and your company's productivity using the PRTG WAN traffic monitoring software.

A free version of PRTG is also available. The network management freeware supports up to 100 sensors and can be used completely free of charge for personal and professional purposes.  Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.



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