Out-of-the-box monitoring with PRTG: Boost your profits now!

Try PRTG for free today and scale to success

PRTG Network Monitor is ready-to-use, out of the box, network, systems and applications monitoring trusted by over 300,000 users worldwide including local MSPs like yourself. It is a perfect standalone monitoring solution or can be a monitoring specialist with your RMM software.  

All PRTG licenses include the entire MSP feature set. 

Launch PRTG Hosted Monitor or download PRTG on-premises.

What you get with PRTG? Here are your advantages as MSP!


1. Improve service, grow revenue

Know your customers' networks like nobody else! Thanks to PRTG you can now become your customers' indispensable IT expert.

2. Generate revenue with PRTG

PRTG stores all monitoring data which allows for precise long term analysis and to identify network issues before they actually become a problem. 


3. Keep it lean and simple

Benefit from PRTG's Architecture.  Monitor as many customer networks as you want with one license of PRTG using the remote probes feature.


4. Customize IT

PRTG easily integrates with other tools and solutions to build custom extensions for your customers' individual hardware and software. 


5. Manage your customers individually

PRTG offers a rights and roles based user management system which gives your customers controlled access to their data.


6. Avoid red tape, save money

No complicated MSP licensing, no expensive partnership—get any PRTG license and start your MSP monitoring business today.


FAQ and system requirements

Before you start PRTG as a service, please make sure you got the right setup. Here you can find all system requirements. For any more questions regarding PRTG for MSPs just check out the FAQs below.


I want to use PRTG as an MSP solution. What do I need to do?

You may use all hosted or on-premises licenses of PRTG to offer a monitoring service to your customers.

PRTG Network Monitor comes with the entire functionality for use as an MSP solution—PRTG is MSP-ready out of the box.


Do you have a MSP partner program and do we have to sign a special agreement?

No, we do not have a special MSP partner program but in order to use PRTG as your managed service solution please make sure to place the PRTG Network Monitor MSP logo on your website.

(please contact [email protected])


How can I offer the service?

PRTG Network Monitor offers a credential-based system. Depending on your customer's needs you can define different access rights: either give them full access to their sensors and groups so they can manage their monitoring on their own or you just give them read-only access so that they can see their own monitoring data but not change any settings. Another option is to publish the monitoring results in a map on a website (e.g. in the customer's intranet).

What MSP licenses are available and what options do I have?

Each license of PRTG Network Monitor comes with the entire functionality for the use as MSP solution. You are free to use all licenses for offering monitoring as a service to your customers.

We recommend PRTG Hosted Monitor for MSPs, as the subscription model allows you to scale your license with your requirements on a monthly basis.

How can I monitor my customers’ networks?

Remote probes

So called remote probes enable you to monitor locally distributed customer networks with one central installation of PRTG Network Monitor. The probes gather monitoring data from your customer's network and transfer these data to the core installation at your server.


If anything occurs in your customer's networks, you can be notified via various alarm methods (e.g. SMS, Email, Pager) to react quickly. This alert can be sent to your customer, too. Also, escalation levels can be defined such as an email alert to your customer as a first step and then a SMS to you/your staff if the problem has not been solved within a certain amount of time. For detailed information please see this link.


You can also create regular reports for your customers, containing statistics of events, outages, uptime etc. Please see the reporting section for further information. 

Are there any special MSP terms I have to consider?

The PRTG Network Monitor Corporate license may not be used for MSP purposes. See details at our terms and conditions, §3, 1d

You may use the PRTG 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, XL1 and PRTG Enterprise Monitor licenses to offer a monitoring service to your customers.

Due to technical limitations a sensor limit per core server may apply. For details please refer to Paessler's system requirements and sizing recommendations for PRTG Network Monitor.

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