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  • Encrypt your monitoring data and add an extra layer of security
  • See the encryption status of your devices’ ports at a glance
  • Stay up-to-date with customizable notifications in real time

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PRTG makes monitoring via SSL/TLS easy

Custom alerts and data visualization make it easy to monitor, identify, and prevent network reliability and security issues.



Keep your information where it belongs with PRTG SSL/TLS monitoring software

In a digital society, the security of your data is crucial for business continuity. Paessler PRTG acts as your digital network security guard, actively scanning your devices’ ports for security loopholes.

Get more done with automated monitoring


Maintaining port security can be a time-consuming task when you have to check device ports individually. Especially when you have several devices.

PRTG SSL monitoring sensors free up time, constantly scanning devices on your network. Since PRTG immediately notifies the proper team members when an issue is detected, you and your team can move on to other important tasks.

Stay compliant with sensitive data rules


Network attacks and data theft are the concern of users, businesses, and governments alike. SSL monitoring with PRTG helps you stay compliant with relevant data regulations, such as GDPR.

Ensure secure data transmissions via SSL/TLS, generate reports that can be used for compliance audits, encrypt your own monitoring data, and regularly perform security checks.

Respond to potential security breaches fast


A quick response is critical when an organization is facing a security breach. PRTG SSL monitoring speeds response by assigning a security rating to device ports.

Configure automated response triggers, alert sensitivity, and when and where to send notifications. PRTG monitors in real time and keeps a detailed log of network activity for quick reviews.

Build customized in-depth reports


Customized reports let you present the most relevant information for your audience’s needs. PRTG SSL monitoring provides detailed information that lets you easily create reports on demand or via schedule.

These range from executive high-level overviews using graphs to comprehensive technical reports for the IT department that include in-depth monitoring data.

Lower your operational costs


The financial impact of a data breach, network downtime, compliance penalties, or poor resource allocation can be steep.

PRTG addresses these challenges through all-in-one network monitoring. A central dashboard and constant surveillance help you maintain a secure and efficient network, reducing the need for frequent overhauls or emergency interventions that affect the bottom line.









What SSL monitoring looks like in PRTG

Diagnose network issues by continuously monitoring SSL/TLS encryption on your device’s ports. Show encryption status in real time and visualize data in graphic maps & dashboards to identify problems more easily. Gain the visibility you need to troubleshoot your infrastructure security and performance issues.



Start SSL monitoring with PRTG and see how it can make your network more reliable and your job easier.


Your SSL monitor at a glance – even on the go

Set up PRTG in minutes and use it on almost any mobile device.


PRTG comes with all the features you need, plus more your IT infrastructure won't want to live without.



PRTG monitors these vendors and applications in one view!


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5 reasons to choose PRTG as your SSL monitoring tool

Monitor specific SSL/TLS protocol versions

Knowing which encryption protocols are being used on a per-port basis is crucial for the continued security of your network.

PRTG’s SSL Security Check sensor can monitor specific versions of SSL/TLS protocols and provide detailed information about which ones are accepted or denied on each device port. This way, you can easily identify outdated and insecure protocols and update them without the guesswork.

Customize port security ratings

The SSL Security Check sensor uses so-called lookups to assign a security rating to each port on the network, providing a system of identification for weak or outdated encryption methods, as well as for strong encryption where connections to weak SSL or TLS protocols are not possible.

You can also create custom lookups to define what status each version is given based on your business’s specific security policies and requirements.

Keep an eye on SSL certificates

PRTG also lets you use SSL/TLS to encrypt your own monitoring data – for even this data may contain sensitive information which must be protected against unauthorized access while being sent across the company network. You can import individual SSL certificates for this purpose.

What’s more: the preconfigured SSL Security Check sensor lets you monitor the certificate of an SSL/TLS-secured connection. It shows you if the certificate has been revoked, is trusted as root authority, the days to expiration, and more.

Configurable alerts and notifications


PRTG alerts are fully customizable. Choose who should receive the alerts. Set alerts to specific thresholds based on what you know about your network. Set up escalation policies that are triggered when an alert is triggered or resolved by a specific time.

Set notifications to require acknowledgment or to delay in the instance of an issue that may resolve itself. You can even choose the method of notification, from SMS alerts and mobile push notifications to emails and executing HTTP actions.

Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution

An SSL monitoring solution helps you lower operational costs; PRTG SSL monitoring adds to the savings. PRTG is widely recognized as a cost-effective, comprehensive network monitoring solution that’s intuitive to manage and use, from the dashboard overview to the deep dive into individual devices and systems.

Approximately 80% of our customers say they’ve seen substantial savings, and the cost of licensing pays for itself within a short time.



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Easily find the source of the problem with our PRTG SSL monitoring solution

Real-time alerts and custom notifications make it easy to solve issues with network security and performance.



PRTG is compatible with all major vendors, products, and systems

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Watch this 4-minute video on SSL certificate monitoring



Create innovative solutions with Paessler’s partners

Partnering with innovative vendors, Paessler unleashes synergies to create
new and additional benefits for joined customers.


Axis offers one of the most complete and reliable product portfolios, an expanded professional network, and comprehensive integration support for video management software.

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IP Fabric

Combining the broad monitoring feature set of PRTG with IP Fabric’s automated network assurance creates a new level of network visibility and reliability.

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“Excellent tool for detailed monitoring. Alarms and notifications work greatly. Equipment addition is straight forward and server initial setup is very easy. ...feel safe to purchase it if you intend to monitor a large networking landscape.”

Infrastructure and Operations Engineer in the Communications Industry, firm size 10B - 30B USD

Read the entire review at Gartner Peer Insights 


PRTG makes monitoring via SSL/TLS easy

Custom alerts and data visualization make it easy to monitor, identify, and prevent network reliability and security issues.


Monitoring SSL/TLS: FAQ


1. What is SSL monitoring?

SSL monitoring provides an important layer of network security. It continually reviews and manages SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificates that are vital for secure Internet connections.

2. What does SSL monitoring with PRTG include?

Among other actions, SSL monitoring checks the validity of the certificates, the encryption strength, and whether they are properly implemented.

3. How does SSL monitoring improve network security?

SSL/TLS certificates are used to establish secure connections, encrypting data before it’s transmitted to its intended destination. Certificates expire, can be improperly implemented, misconfigured, or become outdated. In addition, hackers can replace or modify certificates to provide security loopholes.

PRTG’s SSL Certificate sensor makes sure the security certificates are authentic, up-to-date, properly implemented, and correctly configured. In the case of a potential security breach, constant monitoring catches certificate modification or replaces, allowing quick, targeted security resolutions.

4. What unique features does PRTG SSL/TLS monitoring offer?

SSL monitoring with PRTG allows you to expand your network security with a nuanced approach to provide the most flexible certificate security possible:

  • Customizable, detailed alerts and notifications
  • Widely customizable security ratings
  • Detailed, automated SSL certificate tracking
  • SSL/TLS protocol version tracking
  • Encrypted monitoring data
  • Comprehensive reporting

5. Can PRTG’s SSL monitoring be integrated with other network monitoring functions?

Absolutely. SSL/TLS monitoring can be easily integrated into PRTG’s broader network monitoring capabilities, which provides even more details about your network security, performance, and function.

6. What types of devices can PRTG monitor?

If it has an IP address, PRTG can probably monitor it. Versatile and comprehensive, PRTG’s monitoring capabilities include network devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. It can monitor various types of servers, such as web, mail, and database servers. PRTG monitors NAS and SANs, specific applications and services, IoT devices, and even physical environmental conditions.

7. Can PRTG monitor cloud services and virtual environments?

Yes! PRTG can monitor cloud services and resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, among others. It also supports monitoring virtual machines and host systems, such as VMware and Hyper-V.

8. Is there a trial version of PRTG?

We thought you’d never ask. Our no-obligation trial version lets you test the full range of features for 30 days, including all the support and resources we can provide. Continue using PRTG on a smaller scale with no cost after the trial period or become a Paessler AG customer and continue enjoying the full feature and sensor range.

9. What is a sensor in PRTG?

In PRTG, “sensors” are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your network, for example the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, or the free space on a disk drive.

On average, you need about 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port.


PRTG the multi-tool

PRTG: The multi-tool for sysadmins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs and rely on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects via HTTP requests
  • Custom sensors: Create your own PRTG sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom notifications: Create your own notifications and send action triggers to external systems
  • REST Custom sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides data in XML or JSON format


More than just a monitoring tool:
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Paessler PRTG 

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