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ITOps Board

As part of Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor, ITOps Board enhances your
PRTG setup with a service-oriented central overview across multiple PRTG servers.

It provides advanced analytics and business-services-based
SLA modeling and monitoring.



How ITOps Board works

ITOps Board gathers, correlates and organizes alerts and notifications from one or more PRTG servers, creating a business service-oriented view of your network and infrastructure. It creates dependency diagrams, clear and focused dashboards, and automated incident workflows.





Multi-server dashboards

ITOps Board makes it easy to build real-time dashboards across multiple PRTG servers. It gives you a central overview of everything that matters based on services and your role.


Business service monitoring

ITOps Board gathers alerts and notifications from all your PRTG servers. It correlates them by business service, offering a service-oriented overview in addition to the detail view as you know it from the PRTG web interface. This helps you to gain a quick overview of your entire IT, to prioritize, and to focus on what really matters.





Automated alert management

ITOps Board continuously receives alerts from all your PRTG servers. It correlates them to services and prioritizes them according to roles. This way, ITOps Board filters and concentrates alerts, reducing general alert noise down to what really matters to you.


SLA modeling and monitoring

ITOps Board defines Service Level Objectives (SLO) for each defined business service. Based on those SLO settings it calculates and displays Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance and availability. It sends warnings before an SLA is breached so you can react and solve the issue in time to prevent serious SLA violations. ITOps Board stores data about impacts on SLO in Elastic, enabling SLA reporting with third party tools like e.g. Kibana.


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System requirements & documentation

For detailed instructions on how to install and use ITOps Board, have a look at the ITOps Board documentation:


System requirements for ITOps Board


Minimum hardware requirements when integrated with PRTG:

  • 2 GHz, Quad Core CPU
  • 20 GB RAM and not more than 64 GB (6 GB assigned to Elasticsearch)
  • 10 GB available server disk space (program files directory) per integration
  • 100 MB available SQL server disk space

Operating system

  • Windows Server 2012 (or higher)

 We recommend that you use the latest available version of Windows Server.

Web server

  • IIS 8.0 (or higher)

We recommend that you install the IIS Management Console on all IIS servers.

Microsoft .NET Framework

  • .NET 4.7.2 (or higher)

SQL database

  • SQL Server 2012 (or higher)

ITOps Board is also compatible with SQL Express.


Use one of the following Java versions:

  • Java JDK version 12
  • Java JDK version 11
  • Java JRE V8 (at least u131 or higher)


  • Elasticsearch version 7.17 (included in installation)


ITOps Board – installation tutorial






The following videos explain ITOps Board in detail