Playspot guarantees the stability of its online games with Paessler PRTG


About Playspot

Playspot is an online entertainment publisher that started its activities in Brazil in 2014. The company's proposal is to create a community that is participative, interactive, and very close to the players. Formed by experienced professionals and pop culture lovers, Playspot’s name translates the company's goal: to be the perfect place for your entertainment.

The company relies on the concepts of web 2.0, social networks, development, and integration of interactive tools such as gadgets and widgets. Playspot’s titles in Brazil include Darkblood Online, Legend of Fighters, General War, and S4 League. Following the model already practiced in the market (free to play), all Playspot games are free.



Electronic games hosted in a 100% online environment require high server performance to offer a completely stable and entertaining environment. Online entertainment game publisher Playspot was founded in 2014 with the aim of becoming the “perfect place for players to find fun”, but in order for this to happen, the company invests in monitoring its servers to guarantee the stability of its games.

To detect any problems with the servers, Playspot opted for Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, which is used both in the cloud and on physical servers.


"Since we adopted PRTG in 2014, the tool has allowed us to visualize the entire structure in one place. We can tell at a glance when a service goes down or is unstable, which gives us greater peace of mind and security when monitoring the network and maintaining the IT infrastructure."

Rusevel Martins Andrade Junior, Head of IT at Playspot


PRTG in use


“We currently have around 80 physical and virtual servers, which is why we needed to monitor this environment. Our aim is to prevent, in real time, possible instabilities that could cause any kind of problem with any of our products,” says Rusevel Martins Andrade Junior, Head of Playspot's IT department.

Playspot's choice of PRTG was based on the cost-benefit criterion, which is in line with the results of a customer satisfaction survey carried out by Paessler, in which respondents from various countries cited time savings (64%) and cost savings (46%) among the main benefits of the monitoring software.

Playspot uses PRTG to monitor Windows, Linux CentOS, and Ubuntu servers. Among the types of PRTG sensors used are Ping, SNMP, HTTP, and SSH. Playspot uses both the PRTG web interface and the PRTG smartphone apps and the positive results are measured daily.




“With PRTG, it only takes one person to monitor and administer more than 80 servers, something that would be very complicated without such a tool. We've already configured several sensors and will gradually apply others that are provided by the solution,” Rusevel concluded.


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