Adani Electricity and Paessler PRTG ensure uninterrupted power supply for Mumbai


About Adani Electricity

The city of Mumbai’s electrical distribution network is divided into three zones out of which Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) caters to the electricity needs of 3.1 million consumers, spanning over 400 sq. km of suburban Mumbai from Bandra to Bhayander on the western side, and Sion to Mankhurd on the eastern side, based on a thermal generation plant at Dahanu.

Hundreds of power stations provide power to the grid, and all of these are unmanned, so technology plays a major role. This requires a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to control the substations to ensure the supply of uninterrupted power 24/7/365.


The SCADA system runs on an Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) network with over 900 kilometers of cables, which is designed in a ring/mesh topology to ensure that a single failure has no impact on the system. On the software side, a network monitoring solution was planned as the central control and data acquisition component to assure the health of the electricity distribution system by monitoring power parameter capturing devices for:

  • Measuring procured power from various power generating companies
  • Measuring consumption demands and their variability
  • Collecting billing data for various consumer categories

"After a deep dive into the worlds of network monitoring during our one-year evaluation, we understood the wow factor of PRTG: The combination of scalability, licensing, and the hassle-free implementation together with first-class support was something we haven’t seen with any competing solution as of now."

Sanjay Surana, General Manager IT, AEML



The SCADA system: requirements and evaluation


Due to the central role of the network monitoring solution for Adani’s SCADA system and so for the entire business success, the evaluation of this solution was a real challenge. Some of the requirements were far beyond basic NMS functionality:

  • Monitoring of optical parameters
  • Monitoring of electric power parameters
  • Generation of billing data for power consumption

There were also standard requirements like scaling for monitoring 1,000 and more network devices in addition to all the special tasks and comprehensive alerting and alert escalation options. One of the most important requirements was also the most difficult to find: The solution had to be easy to use on the one hand, and on the other hand flexible enough to integrate the special requirements and capable enough to monitor the complex network environment. Of course, fair licensing and pricing also played a big role for the final decision and, finally, a competent consulting partner and a reliable and qualified technical support team.

All in all, the evaluation took more than one year, ending with a clear decision for PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler.


Improving overall productivity


PRTG has been assuring uninterrupted power supply for more than three years now. Beyond simple network monitoring, PRTG also contributed to achieving the overall company objectives.

Based on PRTG’s roles and rights system, AEML has implemented an “incident to technical person” mapping, which identifies who should be alerted in which instances, so they are able to get the right technical resource on the ground to attend to specific alerts. Escalation procedures have been defined, assuring that no alert can get lost because a technical resource is not available for any reason. This functionality has resulted in a significantly reduced burden on Adani’s NOC operations, also contributing to the overall company objectives in the form of improved productivity.




As of today, Adani monitors 300 power substations with PRTG. Over the years, the setup has been expanded constantly, now including more than 1,000 network devices, a cash collection center, CCTV devices and much more.

"Due to PRTG’s licensing and scaling capacities, we plan to continually enhance our monitoring setup. The solution has proven its value and still has a lot of potential for helping us even more in the future," says Sanjay Surana, General Manager IT.


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