Beliveo prevents business-critical IT failures with the help of Paessler PRTG


About Beliveo

Beliveo is an outsourcing company dedicated to providing Call Center support to companies of all types. Founded in 2012, Beliveo specializes in offering export services to US customers. Today it has more than 1,100 employees offering services to clients included in the Fortune 100 list.

Beliveo has clients in the media, entertainment, and pay TV sectors. With offices in Guadalajara and Monterrey, Beliveo continues its promising growth in the market of successful call centers in the world.


Beliveo's headquarters are in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, and the Call Centers are located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and Monterrey. It does not have franchises. The company does not serve the Mexican market but only has customers in the US: Aurora, Colorado, and Houston in Texas are the points of exchange of communication links with the customer.

Always attentive to its 24x7x365 availability, Beliveo considers that the use of a network monitoring solution is vital for proactive actions on the network and servers, in addition to providing information for infrastructure capacity planning.


“PRTG collaborated in the IT infrastructure development at Beliveo’s start-up by providing first-hand information on the status of the new infrastructure, proactively reporting traffic situations or equipment conditions that we were able to solve before they became problems.”

Ivan Pedraza, Technology Manager at Beliveo


The challenge


Beliveo's IT staff had already used Solarwinds in previous work experiences, but given the growth potential that Beliveo had, they decided to install Paessler PRTG Network Monitor to validate its functionalities in the free edition and thus adapt it more to their needs, which initially was to lower costs, be easier to use, and have more functionalities. Paessler's solution fulfilled these requirements:

  • Affordable price
  • Ease of installation, backup, configuration, and operation
  • Multiple reports with agenda creation
  • Comparison of related sensors, excellent for pattern detection
  • Initial installation of the free edition with 100 sensors, excellent for evaluating the product
  • Streamlining troubleshooting of network failures, using sensor comparison or customized reports to more quickly isolate root causes

“One of the determining arguments to decide on PRTG was initially the fact that we had a trial edition with all the functionalities, which was important to validate all its features and capabilities, test its use, and get the most out of it. After evaluating all PRTG’s functionalities, we did not hesitate to make the change”, says Ivan Pedraza, Technology Manager at Beliveo.


The solution


Beliveo uses 500 PRTG sensors that helped define its strategy in the face of the company's considerable growth. The hardware environment in which it uses the software is an MPLS-based network provided by two carriers, with two points of presence in the US and two in Mexico.

With PRTG, Beliveo monitors 500 terminals, 30 applications, and almost 100 devices such as 12 routers, 24 switches, 20 servers and firewalls, in addition to using a remote probe for monitoring external networks in the US.

Beliveo mainly uses sensors for equipment health, bandwidth, QoS, and availability metrics. The company uses the PRTG web interface as well as the PRTG apps for iOS and Android.


The benefits


“PRTG helped us at the start-up of our company to avoid contingencies derived from night-time failures in infrastructure equipment, since PRTG’s email or push notifications alerted us and allowed us to react in a timely manner to start operations the next day; definitely the best option for not having night-time or specialized personnel checking the systems, among many other things,” says Pedraza.

PRTG has brought Beliveo great benefits such as:

  • Solving problems regarding bandwidth saturation, detecting the source of the problems with NetFlow data
  • Network degradation with sensors to monitor the service level, which has allowed proactive routing actions to be taken prior to a general outage
  • Realignment of equipment to optimize bandwidth usage, or latency between sites
  • Total help in having the advantages of using a product that supports proactive actions to avoid downtime
  • With PRTG, they discovered that it is not necessary to have 24x7 monitoring personnel, since this problem was solved with alerts sent to mobile devices via push notifications
  • Time savings of 80% when there are failures during the night
  • Correct planning of bandwidth upgrades; saving installation costs or unnecessary upgrades before time



In summary, PRTG has saved Beliveo a lot of time (man-hours) as a series of customized reports allows for more accurate troubleshooting, and thus, the team can focus on other tasks instead of worrying about the functionality of the IT infrastructure. “As the company grows, more sensors will be implemented,” Pedraza concludes.


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