Paessler PRTG enables Noblecom Technology to enhance their network observability


About Noblecom Technology

Noblecom Technology Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 in Malaysia and is a highly successful provider of building technology implementations.

Noblecom’s core functional activity is the design and development of Complete Extra-Low-Voltage Systems, including Public Address Systems, Security Control Systems, and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) systems, as well as audio-visual systems such as sound reinforcement systems, teleconferencing systems, video walls, visual projection systems, stage lighting, etc. for buildings.

Noblecom also implements Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems for a variety of different major building projects, including structure cabling systems (passive), networking system (active) and network monitoring, telephone systems, server rooms and personal computers.

The company also provides value-added technology implementations for office and commercial buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities and convention centres, restaurants, showrooms and hypermarkets, government buildings, residential developments, and hospitals.









How Paessler PRTG helps Noblecom:


  1. Improving network monitoring as a whole
  2. Providing early detection of network issues
  3. Proactively identifying potential problems before they disrupt critical building operations
  4. Providing email notifications to the right people at the right time
  5. Generating reports with real-time insights about network optimization and performance
  6. Achieving faster problem resolution
  7. Being more proactive
  8. Improving its capacity planning
  9. Making its allocation of network resources more efficient based on usage patterns
  10. Reducing downtime


“The ability to monitor our entire IT infrastructure with Paessler’s PRTG monitoring platform within a single dashboard has simplified what was previously an extremely complex job,”

Chiew See Gem, Project Manager at Noblecom Technology


The background


Since its clients operate major buildings across many sectors in Malaysia, the operational technology it has implemented within them needs to perform well, be resilient, and always be available 24/7. Its IT team, therefore, wanted to proactively identify potential problems within its complex technology infrastructure before they were able to disrupt its clients’ critical building operations.

Before commencing a full upgrade to its network and reviewing its IT monitoring requirements, Noblecom had a very complex and siloed approach to its infrastructure monitoring provided by a few different vendors, including Nagos, Spiceworks, SolarWinds and Zabbix. The company therefore set out to simplify its complex monitoring approach in order to provide better infrastructure visibility with a view to eliminating downtime.


The challenges


Noblecom realized that it needed to improve the visibility and control it had over its entire network to improve its observability. One of the key objectives here was to improve its capacity planning and to make the allocation of network resources more efficient.

The majority of Noblecom’s customers’ servers and applications are hosted in its data center, utilizing network infrastructure, including routers, switches and other networking equipment from HPE, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services.

Noblecom had a requirement to monitor its own and its clients’ workstations, ports, bandwidth, wireless area network (WAN), large area network (LAN), servers and virtual environments like VMware and Hyper-V. A single monitoring solution was needed to monitor using a variety of different sensors due to the complexity of its network and data center (including port, HTTP, SSL, FTP, Ping, SNMP, Linux, and Unix).


The outcome


Implementing Paessler PRTG has enabled Noblecom Technology to improve its own network resilience and identify potential problems before they disrupt its clients’ critical building operations.

“Noblecom has extremely high customer experience standards to maintain and it is with this eye on quality delivery that we chose to remove all the existing monitoring solutions and implement Paessler PRTG right across our entire ICT infrastructure,” said Chiew See Gem, Project Manager at Noblecom Technology.

Paessler PRTG has enabled Noblecom to employ sophisticated data driven decision making to enable the company to optimize its network. The company can now analyze the actual need for additional IT equipment and is able to allocate network resources more efficiently since these decisions are now based on actual usage patterns, rather than estimates.

“Our association with our customer does not end on completion of a build; rather, it marks the entry of a long-term relationship and partnership for Noblecom Technology. Our customer service is built and managed with the objectives of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We depend on that as a yardstick of measurement towards our continued existence in this industry,” said Alan Tan, Director of Noblecom Technology Sdn Bhd.










“The ability to monitor our entire IT infrastructure with Paessler’s PRTG monitoring platform within a single dashboard has simplified what was previously an extremely complex job,” concluded Chiew See Gem.

Reducing downtime was one of the key objectives of Noblecom’s network upgrade and network monitoring tool implementation, and the initial feedback is that Paessler PRTG has not only led to faster problem resolution but has also enabled its ICT team to be much more proactive.

“At Noblecom, quality is not an afterthought; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and skilful implementation,” said Alan Tan, Director.


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