HybrIT Services is able to let every customer matter thanks to Paessler PRTG


About HybrIT Services

HybrIT Services was originally formed in 2015 to deliver C-level business consulting and director services to the SME market and IT channel. As an experienced IT director and business owner the founder, Paul Forkgen saw that there was a distinct shortage of IT Directors available to small to medium sized businesses which don‘t require or have the budget for a full-time IT director.

After initial engagements at this level it was obvious that to find excellent IT services partners to deliver a customer focused IT service was difficult and sometimes expensive for SME budgets. Complexity driven by multiple suppliers for multiple IT aspects drove up cost and management overhead. It was therefore a natural conclusion to expand HybrIT Services to deliver more services to compliment the IT Director service.


The team of experts at HybrIT Services designs, implements and manages a range of IT solutions from Office 365 to networking, and voice to contact centre platforms. For those that need it, the firm can also provide dedicated strategic IT consultancy to help them identify the right technology route for their business.


"The remote probes feature is extremely helpful in monitoring many different systems. With
remote probes we can safely monitor different locations and areas on the basis of a central installation and with only one license."

Andrew Weckermann, Head of Professional Services


The challenge


As a managed service provider, it is HybrIT Service’s responsibility to ensure its clients do not suffer from downtime. In keeping a client’s technology infrastructure up and running 24 hours a day, HybrIT Services is able to ensure that it is positioned as a trusted partner to the businesses it works with.

Systems monitoring has a vital role to play in keeping technology up and running and preventing downtime. However, in the past, HybrIT Services found that the system it was using was providing them with a significant number of false positives. This made it difficult to see possible warning signs in advance that something might be awry making a proactive approach to problem resolution almost impossible in some instances.


Entering PRTG


HybrIT Services sought a solution that would enable it to manage and monitor its clients’ networks. PRTG Network Monitor, a product from Paessler, offered a solution that provided the business with just that.

HybrIT Services implemented the PRTG solution to monitor everything ranging from servers, and hardware, to switches, routers, cloud services, firewalls and virtual environments including VMware. HybrIT Services is currently using between 1,000 to 2,500 sensors, hosted in its customers’ data centres to improve the visibility and control over their technology infrastructures.

With PRTG’s ability to drill down into specific sensors, HybrIT Services has implemented a tool that provides more accurate monitoring – and in real time. It enables HybrIT Services to check the health status of all clients’ devices, pinpointing the source of any network issues before any potential downtime is caused. These sensors have helped with a range of tasks including capacity planning, reducing downtime and ensuring the business is more proactive.

As a result of implementing PRTG, HybrIT Services is now able to offer its customers an additional service. For businesses without the ability to monitor their own environments, HybrIT Services is able to offer a multi-tenanted monitoring-as-a-service solution. Servicing the managed services space, HybrIT Services’s clients require support with monitoring all of their devices. They have the ability to call upon a 24-hour-a-day, on-call service in the case of any issues.




Andrew Weckermann, head of professional services said: “Ultimately, without PRTG, we would not be able to resolve problems before our clients alerted us to them. The consequence of this would be an unhappy client. We are able to maintain client satisfaction, whilst providing a high-quality service that can help each business to focus on their own, individual growth.”


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