Paessler PRTG helps RougeGorge Lingerie dress people up nicely


About RougeGorge Lingerie

The RougeGorge Lingerie company originated in 1992 when the Phildar brand, owned by the Mulliez family, diversified by starting to produce and sell women's lingerie. A new brand named Cannelle Lingerie was created in 1998 and became independent in 2010 by becoming RougeGorge Lingerie.

With a head office based in Wasquehal near Lille, where 110 people work, RougeGorge has 241 stores throughout France and Belgium. Composed of branches and franchise stores, the brand has been growing strongly for several years.


In the retail sector, innovations are multiplying to offer ever more new services to demanding customers who are adept at omnichannelity. Reliable connections are therefore crucial, and no technical failures are allowed. It has become essential to use a monitoring solution to ensure that everything is up and running in an optimal way. This applies to physical equipment in the store (connected screens, internet gateway, Wi-Fi terminals, cash registers, shelves, etc.) as well as at headquarters, data centers and the entire IT network.

"At RougeGorge Lingerie, everything that can be connected to the network is supervised. For any problem, we need to be informed quickly, and ideally anticipate the incident," explains Thomas Clauw, IT Manager and Project Manager within the IT department.

At the time of his arrival at RougeGorge Lingerie in 2013, Thomas Clauw noticed that no monitoring was in place. Administrators had to wait for a store to inform the outsourced support center before they could intervene on a breakdown. A free monitoring solution was implemented to solve this waste of time and productivity. But it quickly became unmanageable without a good knowledge of IT development when it comes to customizing it or making changes.



"At RougeGorge Lingerie, everything that can be connected to the network is supervised. For any problem, we need to be informed quickly, and ideally anticipate the incident."

Thomas Clauw, IT Manager and Project Manager at RougeGorge


The choice of PRTG: accessible, convenient and scalable


Already a user of Paessler PRTG Network Monitor in a previous job and for his private domestic use, Thomas Clauw suggested the adoption of the software to RougeGorge Lingerie’s IT department to gain efficiency and peace of mind.

"When I showed them the affordable price of PRTG and they realized its accessibility, we deployed it. This was done very quickly with the help of the Nordic company By The Way, a Paessler partner, who understood our needs," explains the manager.

Today, thanks to the scalability of PRTG, more than 4,600 sensors are installed on four distinct perimeters: the main data center, the data center for the disaster recovery plan in case of failure of the main one and for the replication of backups, the head office equipment and finally the in-store equipment.

The solution is used by the ten or so people who make up the IT department, whether for consultation with scheduled alerts or for administration.


"The great advantage of PRTG is its ease of use, with an intuitive interface and a very practical automatic scanning function for adding sensors. The alerting system is well thought out as it is fully customizable for each sensor and alert. As for the logbook, it provides ultra-fast access to 30-day or 1-year history, which makes it possible to identify processes or equipment that are experiencing recurring problems," adds Thomas Clauw.

Now comfortable and confident with PRTG after 4 years of use, the team is gradually starting to automate certain tasks. For example, there is the database space increase that is triggered with a script when a low threshold is reached.

"We generally prefer to solve incidents manually, but in certain specific cases, this is very useful and we plan to implement automated restarts in the near future," says Thomas Clauw. "We have a lot of autonomy to customize the solution thanks to its accessibility and the advice of the community. And when we have a more advanced and specific need, the By The Way team is there to support us."


The benefits of using PRTG


Looking back over the last few years, IT and network outages have been greatly reduced at RougeGorge Lingerie's IT department, thanks to the anticipation of incidents. "For the stores, this has been a life-changing experience because we are often the ones who warn them of a problem before they notice it, when it cannot be solved immediately. In the end, this pro-activity enables the IT department to communicate more fluidly with all stores and users."

But one of the biggest benefits that the IS manager gets from PRTG is the graphical representations. They are in the form of maps that he creates progressively and that allow the whole team to quickly visualize the state of the network and servers, and thus limit the notifications of alerts by email during office hours.

"We have created a map with all the essential information about the stores, which is displayed on two screens within the ISD. This was done simply by creating an image and inserting the sensors into it. We also have maps for the head office, the links to the data center and soon the server part with the critical processes. Thanks to PRTG, we have succeeded in setting up a very good level of IT monitoring at RougeGorge Lingerie, thus facilitating daily operations," concludes Thomas Clauw.




Thomas Clauw continues: "At headquarters, our administration time has been significantly reduced compared to the solution we used before, which was free of charge but with hidden development costs. With PRTG, at an affordable and clear-cut price, we have gained tremendous efficiency and peace of mind."


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