Reliable admission systems at trade fairs with ADITUS and Paessler PRTG



ADITUS GmbH, a company from Hanover, Germany, is in the business of ticketing and admission systems for trade fairs and other major events. With more than 10 years of experience, it has become a leading specialist in its field. As the service provider for Deutsche Messe AG, ADITUS is responsible for ticketing, cash sales, and admission systems at the CeBIT expo.


In order to meet its many requirements, ADITUS GmbH needed a reliable tool that could continuously (and comprehensively) monitor all its network components and servers, both in order to be promptly notified in the event of bottlenecks and failures, and to continuously customize and expand its network by way of the long-term collection of monitoring data.

After an extensive online search (including subsequent tests), ADITUS decided to go with the network monitoring tool PRTG Network Monitor from the Nuremberg-based monitoring specialist Paessler AG. Among other things, ADITUS based its decision on criteria such as flexibility, scalability, and the range of features. Not to mention technical support and cost-performance ratio, both of which worked heavily in favor of PRTG.



“PRTG has allowed us to improve the availability of our systems significantly. If something goes wrong, we’re immediately notified by email and SMS, which allows us to promptly take action and resolve issues before they become more serious.”

Marc Luzoff, Engineer at ADITUS


PRTG improves availability at ADITUS


ADITUS has been monitoring its network with Paessler products since April 2007. In 2008, the company switched to PRTG, all-in-one software that monitors the bandwidth, availability, and loads of the entire network. PRTG monitors network traffic, hard disk space, CPU loads, memory, and other server parameters. The tool also monitors SQL servers and SOAP services, as well as the accessibility of the ADITUS network via VPNs and the availability of numerous Internet services.

“PRTG has allowed us to improve the availability of our systems significantly,” explains Marc Luzoff, the engineer in charge of the monitoring tool at ADITUS. “If something goes wrong, we’re immediately notified by email and SMS, which allows us to promptly take action and resolve issues before they become more serious.”

Admission system at CeBIT

PRTG and the benefit of features


Visitor registration terminal at CeBIT

Since using PRTG on a daily basis, the IT team at ADITUS GmbH has learned how to take advantage of the tool’s additional features. Marc Luzoff explains: “Initially, we only monitored availability, something we already knew how to do thanks to IPCheck, the predecessor to PRTG. We then discovered that we could also monitor bandwidth with PRTG. As a result, we have now gained much more insight into our network, including its current bandwidth consumption and needs.

The PRTG reports and user management features are also extremely helpful for obtaining more detailed monitoring data than the information sent in alerts via SMS or email. We particularly like the maps feature, which allows us to illustrate data both conveniently and clearly.”

ADITUS currently uses around 4,000 PRTG sensors, and this number keeps rising. The next step is to monitor Cisco routers with PRTG NetFlow sensors. In the medium term, the company plans to monitor all its network components and servers with PRTG.




For ADITUS GmbH, the fact that PRTG is made by a German manufacturer was not inconsequential. Prompt and reliable support plays an important role when deploying such business-critical software. Marc Luzoff, on Paessler AG service: “We’re extremely satisfied with the technical support we have received thus far. It’s incredible how fast they answer our inquiries, and with such detail… Paessler has definitely helped us make enormous progress.” Marc Luzoff is also impressed by the international support offered on the manufacturer’s website.


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