Paessler PRTG helps ensure secure flight operations at Naples Airport



GESAC SpA, the airport management company, is the forty-year concession holder of the entire management of Naples Capodichino International Airport up to the year 2043. With a traffic of 6.8 million passengers in 2016, Naples Airport is the third largest Italian regional airport (excluding the Roman, Milanese and Venetian airport systems from the regional category).


GESAC – Campania Airport Services Management – is the management company of Naples Airport, a reference case for the functionality and safe operation of the infrastructures of the entire airport system. The company, which today has about 400 employees, was established in 1980, with a public majority, on the initiative of the Municipality of Naples, the Province of Naples and Alitalia.

For Naples Airport to become the main gateway for southern Italy and to make the passenger experience easier, GESAC recognizes three fundamental values: innovation, improving the quality of the service and the experience of the passenger; the essential nature of processes, based on simplicity and fluidity for concrete and measurable results; and responsibility for behavior and results to stimulate the spirit of initiative, trust, and cooperation.



"Thanks to PRTG, we finally have unified, automatic, and continuous monitoring of the airport network and can guarantee quick and timely interventions."

Domenico Ciervo, ICT Manager at GESAC


IT infrastructure and challenges


Holding a role of vital importance for the very operation of airport operating systems, the IT infrastructure of Naples-Capodichino Airport is extremely complex. GESAC is responsible for the management, coordination, and technical-operational control of over 1000 devices distributed on servers and PCs that govern security-critical systems, such as surveillance cameras, to guarantee constant levels of quality and reliability.

Being able to have a solution to monitor, diagnose, and manage state-of-the-art network infrastructures is therefore crucial for such a complex reality as the airport. In fact, there are many needs, above all the possibility of conducting punctual analyses to guarantee the continuity of the infrastructures to promptly intercept any critical issues that, if not resolved, could bring the systems to collapse.

Before adopting Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, the monitoring of sensors, campus, and airport infrastructure was entrusted to a network management console and various intrinsic application solutions offered by different vendors. However, this did not allow unified monitoring and required the parallel control of different solutions, each with its own procedures. The result: a discontinuous monitoring with a considerable dispersion of time and energy, a particularly wasteful and inefficient process no longer able to meet the needs of a constantly evolving company.

Naples Airport

The solution


In light of the changed needs, GESAC started the search for a solution that could ensure the unified monitoring of every aspect of the IT infrastructure, taking into consideration various alternatives on the market including the Paessler offer.

Following a pilot project launched on a limited number of devices, he finally identified PRTG as the best technology in terms of quality, efficiency and reliability, relying on the continuous availability of updates and a high level support service. Among the other reasons that led Gesac to choose PRTG, also the wide market diffusion, the ease of implementation and integration with external systems and the extreme simplicity of use.

PRTG is installed on a virtual server, Windows Server 2008 R2, 4 CPU, 16GB Ram for monitoring servers, switches, routers, Wi-Fi controllers, access points, database servers, application servers, UPS, virtualized environments, and application solutions, as well as the entire IT infrastructure of Naples Airport.

Today the company uses around 8000 monitoring sensors (including composite), including DNS, Folder, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, NetFlow, Oracle SQL, Ping, POP3, RDP, Share Disk Free, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, Syslog Receiver, VmWare, Windows, and WMI.

Available on different interfaces (PRTG web interface, PRTG app for desktop, and PRTG aps for iOS and Android), PRTG also monitors on LAN, WAN, and airport websites.

The most immediate requirement that PRTG is able to answer through continuous analysis and surveys of the monitored devices, is the prompt identification of any potential system anomaly reported through real-time alerts and warnings, together with a constant measurement of resources used and performance achieved.


The results

Once the integration of PRTG was completed, GESAC immediately recognized a variety of advantages in terms of efficiency and quality of the services offered to the passenger, also from the point of view of IT infrastructure security.

"GESAC increasingly focuses on innovation to improve the quality of services offered and the experience of passengers handled every day by Naples Airport," comments Domenico Ciervo, GESAC ICT Manager. “Thanks to PRTG, we finally have unified, automatic, and continuous monitoring of the airport network and can guarantee quick and timely interventions. This means that we are able to prevent simple weaknesses from becoming real crises and to ensure unprecedented business continuity. Just think of a typical situation in which, in the absence of adequate monitoring, potential network problems could cause a sudden interruption in the displays indicating flight schedules and the serious inconvenience this would result in both for passengers and in terms of damage to the image of the airport itself."




Through the monitoring of entire processes, PRTG provides concrete support for the reporting of the first hints of critical issues by means of pre-established warning thresholds that allow rapid interventions in operation and upstream resolution of potential threats, as well as the processing of retroactive analyses in the phase of problem management, to the restructuring and optimization of IT resources and to the identification of possible memory leaks and other problems at the CPU level, threads and handles displayed in PRTG dashboards.

The software solution has also brought significant benefits in terms of application consolidation, reduction of infrastructure investments, better service continuity, increased software efficiency, which resulted in an overall hardware efficiency and a subsequent reduction of the technical perimeter monitored within just a few months.


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