The Private Hospital of Confluent uses Paessler PRTG to monitor its entire Hospital Information System


About the Private Hospital of Confluent

L’Hôpital Privé du Confluent (Private Hospital of Confluent) is dedicated to short-stay medical, surgical, and oncology consultation and hospitalization activities. Located in Nantes, it comprises the Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises and the Centre Catherine de Sienne. It is home to several professional partners and healthcare operators: Bioloire, Croix-Rouge Française, Iris Grim, Echo Dialyse.





The hospital offers its patients a wide range of care, with nearly 200 practitioners (doctors and independent healthcare professionals) and over 1,000 employees (nursing staff, quality control, human resources, etc.) on site, covering some thirty specialties.

A genuine medical community located in Nantes, the Private Hospital of Confluent has an HIS comprising 150 virtual machines and around 30 physical machines, whose security and smooth operation must be ensured on an ongoing basis.


"We were won over by PRTG's reporting function, which saves precious time in project management and decision-making. Indeed, we carried out tests and established a preproduction phase, and were able to evaluate the product in-situ. PRTG suited us immediately, and the licensing was just what we needed."

Anthony Duhil, Infrastructure and Security Manager, Private Hospital of Confluent












A comprehensive, easy-to-use network monitoring tool


To ensure 24/7 quality of service, availability, and performance of its IT assets, Anthony Duhil, Infrastructure and Security Manager at the Private Hospital of Confluent, wanted to equip himself with a monitoring tool that would enable him to monitor the entire information system: network equipment, servers, and applications.

"With an HIS the size of Confluent, it's very difficult to monitor it alone, and after developing an 'in-house' tool that gave satisfaction but was ultimately very limited, I decided to opt for a global monitoring solution," he explains.

As a first step, a comparative study of the market was carried out with free open-source players. As the network monitoring solutions on offer were impractical for everyday use, he opted for Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, a turnkey solution that is easy to install and configure, and ensures optimum network service quality.


Improved issue prevention for enhanced service quality


2,000 PRTG sensors for monitoring its network equipment: firewalls, routers, servers, but also services higher up in the system layers, such as virtualization and storage.

"For the past year and a half, we've had a complete overview of the information system. We know very quickly if there are problems on the network and where they are," comments Anthony Duhil. "With its easy-to-use dashboard, PRTG lets us know at a glance where the breakdowns are. As a result, we're much more proactive in anticipating their management, before they impact the network."




As a result, the hospital has seen its quality of service improve and outages prevented. In addition to comprehensive monitoring, Anthony sees several other benefits in PRTG, including :

  • The quality of the dashboard, designed so that everything can be seen at a glance
  • The use of the mobile version of PRTG, giving on-call employees access to the dashboard
  • The quality of the online documentation and the dynamism of the online community

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