SISAP simplifies operations and reduces costs with Paessler PRTG



SISAP, Sistemas Aplicativos S.A. is a company founded in Guatemala City in 1985, leader in the Information Technology and Security market in several countries in the region. It has a broad portfolio of services and solutions focused mainly on information security.

The Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC) within SISAP's CERT has the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) certification, granted by Carnegie-Mellon University to operations centers around the world specialized in responding to information security incidents.


With 35 years of experience, SISAP is a leader in providing security solutions and services to clients in Latin America (80% are from the financial sector), through a staff of more than 250 employees (60% are engineers) in their different regional offices, located in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.


“With PRTG, we were able to simplify the monitoring of vital signs of important digital security assets of our customers in the region. The simplification covered aspects of administration and operation, as well as the centralization of visibility and control. We also succeeded in reducing the costs associated with the detailed control of the security environment.”

Daniel Alvarez, SOC Manager at SISAP


The challenge


SISAP had a variety of tools for monitoring its clients’ assets, which made it difficult to optimally control the security systems. The challenge was to develop a specialization in monitoring IT security infrastructure, so consolidation and simplification became the company’s mission.

“Having 3 tools (open source, commercial, and PRTG), we saw the need to unify our solutions and at the same time reduce costs. This is how we selected Paessler PRTG Network Monitor for monitoring the vital signs of our clients’ critical equipment and applications through the web, since it exceeded our expectations as it is a robust product, with a wide scope and cutting-edge technology”, says Daniel Alvarez, SISAP's SOC Manager.


The solution


PRTG took root in SISAP's portfolio at the end of 2018 with the advantage that it unified and decreased the complexity of IT security operations with a cost reduction of up to 50% for its customers.

“We achieved this scope by having a solution that allowed us to visualize IT infrastructure management indicators in real time. We were able to monitor the metrics regarding the management of incidents, problems, and infrastructure changes in a graphical and user-friendly way. PRTG made it possible to show analysts the indicators of important security and operational failures in the infrastructure in a single pane of glass,” Alvarez says.

SISAP also creates customized digital service availability maps for each customer, so that analysts can access the status of security service availability and performance.

SISAP's Security Operations Center

The benefits


The integration of PRTG into the SISAP solutions offered to its clients, 80% of whom are in the financial sector, has resulted in a complete tool for monitoring the IT security logs in terms of availability and capacity in one place, with the objective of complying with regulations on local and international equipment.

The internal benefit in SISAP is that, in addition to reducing the costs of the solution by 50%, it also provides analysts and the team that serves its customers the unification of data in a single dashboard to instantly know about security alerts of the monitored environments.




SISAP will continue to use PRTG to provide service and support to its customers in the region. “Our short-term intentions are to expand our license in accordance with the growth of accounts we add to operations as our service proposals always have PRTG sensors intrinsic to them,” Alvarez comments.

“We also plan to add access with the PRTG app for iOS and Android, as this is a user interface that attracts our attention to extend our monitoring capabilities, especially in this time of teleworking caused by the Coronavirus. The use of PRTG in an app allows us to take the alert processing dashboard to the analysts' devices, since now not all the personnel can be at a single work site,” concludes the executive.


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