Netbr celebrates savings and speed achieved with Paessler PRTG


About Netbr

Netbr, founded in 2003, specializes in infrastructure management, virtualization, and IT governance solutions. Its greatest credential is the successful and satisfactory delivery of critical infrastructure projects to major national companies in the financial, telecommunications, services, and industrial sectors. It currently has almost half of Brazil’s major banks as infrastructure management clients.

The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has a portfolio of around 500,000 migrated users in Brazil involving Notes, Netware, Windows, and Exchange migration projects. And more than 12,000 servers are implemented with availability, performance, and security management solutions in the country.


Netbr was looking for a solution that could help the company control the service level agreements (SLA) for its servers. An SLA provides the basis for managing the relationship between the IT service provider and its clients and guarantees the alignment of IT with the business. As a consulting company and solutions integrator, this monitoring was fundamental.


“PRTG is the perfect solution because it provides everything needed to keep the environment under control and on budget, without any ‘hidden’ costs. It allows for both technical and commercial predictability of costs, the environment, the network, and the applications.”

Andre Facciolli, Director of Netbr


The challenge


For the company, monitoring is a critical issue as applications, servers, devices, and all IT components need to be performant and available at all times. “There is no other way of guaranteeing the SLAs for these components without using an appropriate tool,” says Andre Facciolli, Director of Netbr.

The consultancy had already tested two other pieces of monitoring software, but it was PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler AG that had the functionalities Netbr needed. For Facciolli, Paessler’s software offered many advantages over its competitors, especially in terms of cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and maintenance.

Also, according to Facciolli, the software provides all the necessary resources to track SLAs in a monitored environment, identifying bottlenecks and retention points. In addition, the company has seen a significant gain in agility, saving around 50% in time when identifying network problems.


PRTG in use


With PRTG, the company uses sensors such as WMI Vital System Data, Netflow and SNMP, and monitors servers and routers, as well as data traffic. Netbr also uses the HTTP Full Page sensor to monitor its website and almost all user interfaces such as the PRTG web interface, the PRTG apps for iOS and Android, and the PRTG app for desktop.

“The PRTG web interface is a great differentiator for PRTG. It’s modern and there’s nothing like it on the market, because it’s easy, intuitive and allows us to carry out all the activities, actions, follow-up, monitoring, escalation, etc. The PRTG smartphone apps enable monitoring to be mobile and, from there, we can go into full operation remotely," says Raphael Saraiva, Systems Engineer at Netbr.

The company has been using PRTG to monitor both its own network and that of its clients. Netbr installs all the necessary infrastructure at the client’s premises and also monitors the network remotely with PRTG. For Saraiva, this makes the information more secure and reliable.

“We use PRTG with our clients because it’s so easy to install and because everything is included in a single license: cluster, infrastructure, and more. There are no additional costs or headaches,” he says.


He also highlights an example of a client who was able to identify that their data and internet service provider was not delivering the SLA as stipulated in the contract. In this case, PRTG brought considerable savings to the provider’s fixed costs.

In another case, a telecommunications client had very tight SLAs for re-establishing links and therefore needed a specific solution to quickly identify the cause of the problems. Using one of PRTG’s features, it was possible to create visual maps that showed the client exactly where the fault was, making it possible to identify the problem with an excellent level of detail, such as visualizing a single disconnected interface among more than 2,000 network devices. All this without overloading the software with alarms resulting from the disconnection of some network device on the way to other sensors.

For this reason, Saraiva highlights the data history and reports generated by PRTG as important features of the software. They have also helped Netbr to organize long-term planning and optimization actions, especially in relation to the SLAs of internet service providers. 


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