Mais Dados Digital adopts Paessler PRTG to guarantee business continuity


About Mais Dados Digital

Mais Dados Digital, from Belo Horizonte (MG), is the result of the experience and improvement of technological services over 20 years of operation. Present throughout Brazil, it operates in the areas of wholesale, retail, distribution, and industry. Known for its efficient service and good customer relations, Mais Dados Digital offers business solutions in hardware, systems, databases, implementation, customization, and support throughout Brazil.


Mais Dados Digital monitors clients using 11,000 PRTG sensors implemented in 322 companies. Its adoption of Paessler PRTG Network Monitor was decisive in supporting its customers' journey towards the cloud and ensuring business continuity.

PRTG monitors Mais Dados Digital’s cloud database servers, network devices and applications, generating alerts when customers' computers are unavailable and precisely pinpointing the source of the failure.


“With PRTG, we were able to avoid 80% of the unavailability problems that previously occurred in clients' systems and processes, as well as pointing out operational bottlenecks and proposing systemic adjustments that only a database specialist would be able to see and resolve quickly and effectively.”

Gustavo Rodrigues, Digital Business Manager at Mais Dados Digital








The challenge

As an Oracle database partner for 20 years, Mais Dados Digital outsourced its data center in order to expand its business. Providing support and services in several states, it needed to expand its infrastructure to serve customers and their branches across the country.

To accompany the client's journey to the cloud, the Mais Dados Digital team looked for a reliable monitoring solution capable of offering control and security over the IT environment and guaranteeing business continuity.

Before PRTG came on the scene, Mais Dados Digital was using its own system, which couldn't cope with the volume of business. The team studied various products to cover this gap and chose PRTG for its robust database monitoring.








The solution

The adoption of PRTG was decisive in supporting the client's cloud environments. Specializing in Oracle Cloud support for databases, management systems, cloud backup, and help desk, Mais Dados Digital has 322 clients distributed between on-premises and cloud environments. All Mais Dados Digital’s customers' environments are monitored by PRTG.

With the help of PRTG, Mais Dados Digital's Network Operations Center (NOC) maps each client's infrastructure to monitor specific information. The Mais Dados Digital team has so far developed 96 different monitoring templates, environments tailored to the specific demands of the companies using the company's services.

All customers’ data is backed up on a daily basis, generating a large amount of information at all times. Mais Dados Digital has configured PRTG so that this check is carried out every two hours. As customers make backups at random times of the day, each one has the configuration that best fits their structure.






The benefits

The Oracle database environment monitoring team was made up of six technicians and, with the optimization of activities, was reduced to two, freeing up people for other functions and maximizing the results delivered by Mais Dados Digital to its clients.

When performance problems arise that can degrade the system and compromise availability, thanks to PRTG it is possible to pinpoint whether the failure comes from the infrastructure or the application.

Paessler's tool has enabled Mais Dados Digital to monitor all of its clients' applications in various environments – databases, management systems, and the CRM – something that guarantees that the SLAs established with the client are met and continues to open up new service offers for the company.



The number of sensors in operation in Mais Dados Digital’s customers’ environments continues to grow. In April 2021 alone, the service provider installed sensors in 16 new customers. PRTG is now one of Mais Dados Digital’s differentiators in the sales proposal for cloud monitoring services.


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