Infield ICT relies on Paessler PRTG to monitor hospital infrastructures


About Infield ICT

Since 2011, Dutch IT and consulting company Infield ICT has had a clear goal in mind: to deliver transparent, efficient, and user-friendly ICT solutions to customers with a focus on the healthcare sector. The organisation offers various services as a managed service, including secure cloud management, hybrid infrastructure management, and help with cloud transitions, with a special focus on automated security, governance, and connectivity.

Infield ICT has already worked with several hospitals, including the Curaçao Medical Center. There, the IT expert built the complete ICT infrastructure. To date, the company maintains this infrastructure through managed services, allowing healthcare providers to fully focus on patient care. For monitoring, as well as for other customers, Infield ICT relies on Paessler PRTG.


The challenge


Infield ICT supports a number of hospitals with their ICT infrastructure. They use numerous crucial devices, such as cardiac monitors, respirators and X-ray equipment, as well as, of course, the electronic patient record and so on. A good and orderly ICT infrastructure is therefore essential, as a faulty device can cause serious problems.

Martijn Stuart, founder and CEO of Infield ICT, states: We partnered with Paessler because we needed a monitoring system that would allow us to check the status of our customer’s IT infrastructure at a glance and detect problems immediately. We have been partners since 2018 and have been reducing risks since then.



"We are extremely satisfied with the service and support we receive from Paessler, so we definitely plan to continue our partnership in the future."

Martijn Stuart, founder and CEO of Infield ICT



The solution


Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor is a SaaS solution suitable for both small and large IT infrastructures. This software easily integrates into your existing systems and eliminates the need for additional server hardware. Automatic updates and backups are provided, including direct access to new features. The dashboard gives you an overview of your entire IT infrastructure. You can monitor everything, from IT to OT and IoT, without depending on a single vendor. In addition, you receive notifications via your preferred channel, such as e-mail or push notifications, as soon as problems occur.

"The main reason for us to work with PRTG Hosted Monitor is its flexibility and ease of use," Stuart continues. "You can effortlessly create your own sensors, in addition to the hundreds of native sensor types such as REST, database, cloud, SSL and more. Moreover, you can access all the data you need anytime, anywhere. Monitoring ICT infrastructure can be quite complex, but PRTG offers a flexible solution, without the hassle of installation and maintenance. We can use one system for multiple customers, which is essential for us. We wanted to avoid having to access different dashboards for different tasks. Paessler's monitoring software provides all the necessary information in one clear dashboard."



According to Stuart, Infield ICT had to check dozens of different systems every day to make sure everything was in order at each of our customer’s infrastructure. Now it’s enough to take a daily look at one dashboard, which saved the work of one full-time engineer. If there is a problem, Infield ICT is notified immediately. As soon as one of their engineers addresses or solves the problem, it disappears from the dashboard. This way, everyone stays informed about the situation in real time. For the IT staff at hospitals they monitor for, this is a huge help. It easily saves them three to four hours of work per day.

Moreover, Infield ICT’s monitoring services are now enabled to effectively support doctors in their jobs. Before PRTG was introduced, a hospital had to close an operating theatre because of a failing system. Thomas Faddegon, Managed Services Specialist at Infield ICT, states “Thanks to the insights of Paessler PRTG and Infield ICT, we were able to solve this problem and prevent it happening again. This case proves the immense importance of a well-orchestrated monitoring environment within the healthcare context – potentially making the difference in an emergency situation.”


Conclusion and outlook


"We are extremely satisfied with the service and support we receive from Paessler, so we definitely plan to continue our partnership in the future," Stuart concludes. "In fact, we are currently exploring opportunities to use even more PRTG sensors. For example, we are thinking about monitoring specific healthcare applications, such as HL7 messaging."

Infield ICT successfully addressed its challenge to monitor hospital ICT infrastructure more efficiently using PRTG. This collaboration not only improved the reliability of critical medical equipment, but also increased the efficiency of their monitoring process. With flexibility and ease of use as key points, PRTG made it possible to centralise all necessary information from multiple customers in one clear view.

This not only eased the workload, but also improved response time to problems, thereby better supporting patient care in hospitals. With plans to continue and even expand its partnership with Paessler, Infield ICT shows that it is ready to respond to future challenges and needs in the healthcare sector.


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