Cyngor Gwynedd Council keeps critical government services up and running with Paessler PRTG


About Cyngor Gwynedd Council

Cyngor Gwynedd Council is the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd,
responsible for all local government services, including education, social work, environmental protection, and most highways.


As a supplier and manager of multiple public services, Cyngor Gwynedd Council needs a highly available IT network to ensure its 7,000+ employees can complete their daily work friction free. To achieve this objective, the council has to be able to rely on regular updates and insights into its network performance so that it can keep hardware running effectively and prevent or eliminate downtime. As Council services are available 24/7, the IT department need to monitor and report on availability of critical customer facing systems.


“We’re always trying to drive greater efficiencies and maximise the resources we have.  By working with Paessler, we have achieved one of our main goals which was to use PRTG to help save tax payers’ money as the solution is offered to us at an attractive price and performance ratio.  For sites where 100% uptime is essential to the effective and safe running of our services, having a monitoring solution we can truly trust is a blessing. PRTG is a tool we depend upon daily.”

Steven Whitten, Network Engineer, at Cyngor Gwynedd Council


Entering PRTG


The council needed a solution that could be relied upon to provide accurate, in-depth and real-time updates to its engineers. A cost-effective solution was required to help the council save money on unnecessary IT support so that they could continue to spend their budget on local causes and resources that need it most.

After a successful trial with Paessler, the council selected PRTG Network Monitor and is currently using over 10,000 PRTG sensors that are helping remote IT teams to optimise network performance, remediate server and hardware issues, and act upon problems as they arise.  

For example, server monitoring comes with PRTG out of the box and teams receive warnings when there is low server health or memory issue. The council’s network team can also rely on the system to detect if a particular switch is experiencing unusual traffic, and, key systems such as finance and payroll, hosted on Linux servers, can be monitored much more closely than before for potential issues as and when they arise.




PRTG allows the council to comprehensively monitor its IT infrastructure  and diagnose problems quickly.  If a site reaches maximum bandwidth and internet access is compromised, IT admins can identify which machine is causing problems and take swift action. With PRTG, the council can also better monitor hardware for capacity planning and help admins manage their time and take on new tasks proactively.

The extra insight afforded by PRTG allows IT engineers to detect and address problems in real time. This enables the IT team to focus on streamlining processes rather than troubleshooting and to optimise the resources available. PRTG is also being used to monitor the health of IT equipment allowing its IT team to identify potential hardware problems that may have gone undetected in the past, allowing the team to source replacement parts and thereby limiting the impact on services as much as possible.


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