CLICK-into gets a holistic view of their Infrastructure-as-a-Service offer with Paessler PRTG


About CLICK-into

CLICK-into, founded in 1985, is a technology solutions company based in Canada. CLICK-into specializes in cloud solutions, IT products and professional services, and is a value-added reseller and Gold Partner of Paessler PRTG.


In 2011, CLICK-into launched its cloud offering to provide infrastructure as a service. They were soon presented with the opportunity to enhance and optimize a data center. Their team quickly learned that the data center was using a variety of different monitoring tools and systems.

Lydia Muzar, a Director at CLICK-into, knew her team needed a streamlined approach. She explained: “We went to the market and looked for a tool that was cost effective, but more importantly, could monitor most or all the items in the data center. PRTG was this tool.” 



“PRTG was able to monitor everything from the network to servers, storage, even other IP devices within the building.”

Lydia Muzar, CLICK-into


The solution


PRTG is a 24/7 IT systems monitoring tool with notifications to alert teams about impending bottlenecks and systems failures, before they occur. The “plethora of tools for monitoring various aspects of the data center” kick-started CLICK-into’s excitement about Paessler PRTG Network Monitor.

Their team was impressed. PRTG “is able to monitor everything from the network to servers, storage, and even other IP devices within the building,” Lydia explained. “We were delighted that PRTG could lend itself to a diverse subset of IT systems – even UPSs, anything with an IP address was made accessible or could be monitored via PRTG.”

PRTG offered a single tool – one centralized system – that allowed CLICK-into to see everything in one place. The system helped mitigate risks at the data center before they turned into real problems. CLICK-into could identify where bottlenecks existed and mitigate those issues before they grew into larger challenges. As CLICK-into experienced PRTG in action, they wondered if their clients could benefit from this tool as well.

CLICK-into noticed many organizations had similar monitoring needs: too many monitoring tools, and no centralized dashboard for viewing their infrastructure at large. They took the opportunity to help more of their clients by partnering with Paessler to deploy PRTG. CLICK-into became an official Paessler PRTG partner in 2011.


Who should partner with Paessler?


“We are very proud to be a Paessler Certified Sales Organization and Certified Monitoring Expert. We are one of the few companies in Canada that holds both designations. Any organization that has their own IT infrastructure in-house, their own solutions, or even infrastructure in the cloud, can benefit from using PRTG. Every customer that we have today can benefit from PRTG, across virtually any vertical.” 

“PRTG is cost effective and provides more info than we typically need. It’s also very attractive and visually appealing. That’s actually very important for monitoring; the aesthetics are just as important as what it is capturing. The fact that PRTG is easy to navigate and visually appealing makes it easy for IT to capitalize on when they are doing their day-to-day work.” 




Lydia offered a suggestion to other organizations trying to handle network monitoring: “Review what you are currently using internally and determine whether or not you are getting all the info you wish you could be getting. Then consider getting PRTG for that holistic view of your entire infrastructure across the organization.”


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