Pepe Jeans finds the right fit with Paessler PRTG


About Pepe Jeans

Since its establishment in 1973, international clothing retailer, Pepe Jeans, centres all its efforts on achieving total consumer satisfaction. In a bid to meet the growing demands of its online retail and increasingly connected customers, the team sought software that efficiently monitors and maintains the bandwidth and health status of its network. In a bid to streamline its IT efforts, the business was investing in costly and time intensive tools.


Senior IT Network Engineer at Pepe Jeans, Xavier Marchador, was searching for a useful solution that could monitor a wide range of devices, with an easy and intuitive interface, and on-hand support – to pre-empt any issues. Xavier acknowledges: “The main reasons for implementing monitoring software were to establish a network base line, track the health status of devices, monitor bandwidth usage in communication lines, and create weather maps with live information of remote delegations.”


"PRTG has become an essential tool in our daily tasks. Not only is the software great but also the people behind it. We've contacted their support many times to request assistance, and their attention has always been excellent."

Xavier Marchador, Senior IT Network Engineer


Enter PRTG


"The software’s ability to monitor bandwidth and health status, create alarms and notifications based on events and thresholds, and more importantly, to be able to do it from a GUI, as well as full support of CISCO devices, was what attracted us to Paessler PRTG Network Monitor”, says Xavier Marchador.


Implementing monitoring


For Pepe Jeans, monitoring is treated as an ongoing process and a necessity, not a single, one-time project. As a result, the company is currently using 6,000 sensors to monitor both LAN and WAN, as well as a remote probe to monitor 350 locations. 

With the help of PRTG, Pepe Jeans can check the health status of a device, pinpointing the source of network issues before any potential downtime.

The software helps to analyse trends in bandwidth usage and hardware obsolescence. Subsequently, the company has replaced devices that were constantly triggering alarms and requesting WAN lines review due to interface flapping in communication devices. Moreover, as a global company, Pepe Jeans utilises the weather map feature to source information regarding WAN links of every remote office.




Xavier concludes: “Without PRTG it would not be possible to get this information in a reasonable time, and solving the problems would take even longer. Thus, spending resources in troubleshooting rather than in projects that are more important for the business.”

“From triggering alarms to creating new maps, PRTG offers a solution for all requirements.”


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