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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

Simply download and install the version of PRTG Network Monitor which meets your needs. For video tutorials with PRTG basics, please see the More section below.


On the Paessler website, you find two different installers for PRTG, a public download for the Freeware and Trial editions, and a login link to download a commercial edition, which is available for paying customers only.

Download the Trial or Freeware Edition, or log in to get a Commercial PRTG EditionDownload the Trial or Freeware Edition, or log in to get a Commercial PRTG Edition

Downloading the Freeware or Trial Edition

Please download the latest publicly available program version from the Paessler website. Simultaneously, you will receive a trial key. Enter this license key during the installation of PRTG.

Note: Every Freeware installation starts as a Trial version, permitting you an unlimited number of sensors for 30 days. After the trial period expires, your installation automatically reverts to a Freeware edition with 100 sensors. Please understand that Commercial Edition users get prioritized support.

Downloading the Commercial Edition

Downloads and updates are free to customers with an active maintenance contract. Please log in to the Paessler website to get the latest PRTG version. There you can also find your license key, which must be entered during the installation:

If you do not have an active maintenance contract and need one, please contact

Note: Once installed, usually PRTG's Software Auto-Update will automatically provide and install new software versions. This helps you keep PRTG up to date.


Double click the setup file on the computer you want to use as PRTG server. Follow the installation wizard and install the software.

At the end of the installation, PRTG opens a new browser window automatically. It connects to the PRTG web interface, shows the device tree, and starts the setup assistant. Please make sure you load the web interface with one of the supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome 49 or later (recommended),
  • Mozilla Firefox 45 or later, or
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access the PRTG web interface. Firefox has security issue and Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge might have issues with some functionalities. See Detailed System Requirements for more details.

Note: Due to scripting incompatibilities, you might not be able to use all functionalities of the PRTG Ajax web interface with Internet Explorer 10 or earlier and other older browsers. If you cannot access the PRTG web interface, please open the URL of the PRTG in another browser.


If everything works fine, the first thing you will see will not be the login screen, but the device tree. You only have to log in manually if you use a different browser.

PRTG Login ScreenPRTG Login Screen
  • Leave the Login Name and Password fields empty.
  • Click the Default Login button to login.

Make sure you use a supported web browser when logging in to PRTG. Please use Google Chrome 49 or later (recommended), Mozilla Firefox 45 or later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Please see the next step for more information about the initial configuration of PRTG using the Smart Setup!


Video tutorials for PRTG Network Monitor:


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