PRTG Manual: Setup

In the setup settings of the PRTG web interface, you can define almost all system settings for PRTG. However, you need to define some of the machine-oriented settings via two Windows administration tools (see section Others below).

Click Setup in the main menu bar to show the available options.

i_prtgSome setup options are only available for PRTG Network Monitor (marked with i_prtg), so you cannot use these with PRTG Hosted Monitor.

i_podSome setup options are only available for PRTG Hosted Monitor (marked with i_pod), so you cannot use these with PRTG Network Monitor.

In this section:

Account Settings

My Account

Notification Templates

Notification Contacts


API Keys

System Administration

Manage Subscription i_pod

User Interface


Notification Delivery

Core & Probes

User Accounts

User Groups

Administrative Tools

Cluster i_prtg

Single Sign-On

Maintainer Mode

PRTG Status

System Status

Cluster Status i_prtg

License Information i_prtg

Auto-Update i_prtg

Optional Downloads

Help and Support Center

Contact Support


There are some settings that you need to make in the PRTG Administration Tool.

i_square_cyanFor more information, see sections PRTG Administration Tool on PRTG Core Server Systems and PRTG Administration Tool on Remote Probe Systems.