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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

Using dependencies, you can pause sensor monitoring based on the status of another sensor to avoid false alarms and incorrect downtime recording. A dependency stops the monitoring of one sensor or a set of sensors as soon as a specific sensor is in Down status. This means, for example, you can stop monitoring remote network services when the corresponding firewall is down due to connection problems.

When using the auto-discovery function, the Ping Sensor on a device is by default set as the master object for this device. This means that monitoring for the entire device is paused if the Ping sensor is in a Down status. Usually, it does not make sense to monitor other aspects of a device with other sensors while the Ping sensor indicates that the device is not even reachable.

To view a list of all dependencies or only selected dependencies, choose Devices | Dependencies and the corresponding dependencies path from the main menu. From there you can also access the Dependencies Graph that visualizes all dependencies within your network.

Dependencies GraphDependencies Graph

For more information about the dependency settings, please see the settings of the object you want to set a dependency for, section Schedules, Dependencies, and Maintenance Window respectively.


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