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This page about deprecated software versions is shown for
reference purposes only. Information on this page is not
maintained and may no longer be valid.

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What can Site Inspector do for you?

Whenever you access a web page using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Site Inspector's browser you will find a wealth of analysis functions in the toolbars and menus, for example:

·      For any given URL, users can access lists of the images, forms, links, frames, metatags or the scripts of a web page as well as the HTML source and HTTP headers.

·      Using the Highlight function, users can mark any HTML tag with a colored border inside the rendered web page (e.g., to show all TD tags in a page).  An invaluable tool for web designers.

·      A pixel grid as well as guide lines can be shown in a web page.

·      All image tags and link URLs can be shown right inside a  web page.

·      HTML sources and Javascipt files are shown using syntax highlighting.

·      You can copy the page URL, page title, page source, list of URLs and even the page as bitmap to the clipboard.

·      The browser window can be resized to various standard screen sizes (e.g. 800x600) and you can zoom into a web page.

·      A fine selection of tools that are available online (e.g. "CSS/HTML validation", "link checking", "ping the server", "traceroute the server", "show domain owner", "W3C markup validation") is already included and can be customized.

Site Inspector can provide you with a wealth of information about any website that you visit. Some typical users include

·      Web developers—HTML and Web programmers can use Site Inspector to see how others have created their sites from nested tables to active image links, test response times for pages, get an overview of images used, and other tasks which simplify the process of generating HTML code and web pages in general.

·      General web users—everyone can benefit from Site Inspector’s tools and information. For example, users can zoom-in on a Webpage, resize their browser window, or search an entire domain using Google® search technology. It is possible to trace the origin of a domain, find out the owner of a specific domain, and other useful features which will expand the possibilities of web browsing way beyond the standard capabilities of Internet Explorer® and Firefox Mozilla.


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