PRTG Manual: List of Sensors by Performance Impact

Here you can find a list of sensors sorted by their performance impact.

i_round_blueYou can also see a sensor's performance impact in the Add Sensor dialog or on a sensor's Overview tab.

A sensor can have one of the following types of performance impact:

Very Low Performance Impact


Cluster Health sensor

Common SaaS sensor

Core Health sensor

Core Health (Autonomous) sensor

Dell EMC Unity Enclosure Health v2 sensor

Dell EMC Unity File System v2 sensor

Dell EMC Unity Storage Capacity v2 sensor

Dell EMC Unity Storage LUN v2 sensor

Dell EMC Unity Storage Pool v2 sensor

Dell EMC Unity VMware Datastore v2 sensor

HPE 3PAR Common Provisioning Group sensor

HPE 3PAR Drive Enclosure sensor

HPE 3PAR Virtual Volume sensor

Microsoft Azure SQL Database sensor

Microsoft Azure Storage Account sensor

Microsoft Azure Subscription Cost sensor

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine sensor

Modbus RTU Custom sensor

Modbus TCP Custom sensor

NetApp Aggregate sensor

NetApp I/O sensor

NetApp LIF sensor

NetApp LUN sensor

NetApp NIC sensor

NetApp Physical Disk sensor

NetApp SnapMirror sensor

NetApp System Health sensor

NetApp Volume sensor

OPC UA Certificate sensor

OPC UA Server Status sensor

Ping sensor

Port sensor

Port Range sensor

Probe Health sensor

Redfish Power Supply sensor

Redfish System Health sensor

SNMP APC Hardware sensor

SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Connections sensor

SNMP Cisco CBQoS sensor

SNMP Cisco UCS Blade sensor

SNMP Cisco UCS Chassis sensor

SNMP Custom sensor

SNMP Custom String sensor

SNMP Custom String Lookup sensor

SNMP Dell Hardware sensor

SNMP Dell PowerEdge System Health sensor

SNMP Hardware Status sensor

SNMP HP LaserJet Hardware sensor

SNMP HPE ProLiant Logical Disk sensor

SNMP HPE ProLiant Memory Controller sensor

SNMP IBM System X Logical Disk sensor

SNMP IBM System X Physical Disk sensor

SNMP IBM System X Physical Memory sensor

SNMP interSeptor Pro Environment sensor

SNMP LenovoEMC Physical Disk sensor

SNMP LenovoEMC System Health sensor

SNMP Library sensor

SNMP Linux Load Average sensor

SNMP Linux Meminfo sensor

SNMP NetApp I/O sensor

SNMP NetApp System Health sensor

SNMP Poseidon Environment sensor

SNMP Printer sensor

SNMP QNAP Logical Disk sensor

SNMP QNAP Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Rittal CMC III Hardware Status Sensor

SNMP RMON sensor

SNMP SonicWall System Health sensor

SNMP SonicWall VPN Traffic sensor

SNMP Synology Logical Disk sensor

SNMP Synology Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Synology System Health sensor

SNMP System Uptime sensor

SNMP Traffic sensor

SNMP Windows Service sensor

SSL Certificate sensor

SSL Security Check sensor

System Health sensor

Veeam Backup Job Status sensor

Veeam Backup Job Status Advanced sensor

VMware Datastore (SOAP) sensor

Zoom Service Status sensor

Low Performance Impact


AWS Alarm v2 sensor

AWS Cost sensor

AWS EBS v2 Sensor

AWS EC2 v2 sensor

AWS ELB v2 sensor

AWS RDS v2 sensor

Beckhoff IPC System Health sensor

Cisco IP SLA sensor

Cloud HTTP v2 sensor

Cloud Ping v2 sensor

DHCP sensor

Docker Container Status sensor

EXE/Script sensor

HTTP sensor

HTTP Apache ModStatus PerfStats sensor

HTTP Apache ModStatus Totals sensor

HTTP IoT Push Data Advanced sensor

HTTP Push Count sensor

HTTP Push Data sensor

HTTP Push Data Advanced sensor

Microsoft 365 Service Status sensor

Microsoft 365 Service Status Advanced sensor

MQTT Round Trip sensor

OPC UA Custom sensor

PerfCounter Custom sensor

PerfCounter IIS Application Pool sensor

POP3 sensor

RDP (Remote Desktop) sensor

SIP Options Ping sensor

SMTP sensor

SNMP Buffalo TS System Health sensor

SNMP Cisco ADSL sensor

SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Traffic sensor

SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Users sensor

SNMP Cisco System Health sensor

SNMP CPU Load sensor

SNMP Custom Advanced sensor

SNMP Custom Table sensor

SNMP Dell EqualLogic Logical Disk sensor

SNMP Dell EqualLogic Member Health sensor

SNMP Dell EqualLogic Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Dell PowerEdge Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Disk Free sensor

SNMP Fujitsu System Health v2 sensor

SNMP HPE BladeSystem Blade sensor

SNMP HPE BladeSystem Enclosure System Health sensor

SNMP HPE ProLiant Network Interface sensor

SNMP HPE ProLiant Physical Disk sensor

SNMP HPE ProLiant System Health sensor

SNMP IBM System X System Health sensor

SNMP Juniper NS System Health sensor

SNMP Linux Disk Free sensor

SNMP Linux Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Memory sensor

SNMP NetApp Disk Free sensor

SNMP NetApp Enclosure sensor

SNMP NetApp License sensor

SNMP NetApp Logical Unit sensor

SNMP NetApp Network Interface sensor

SNMP Nutanix Cluster Health sensor

SNMP Nutanix Hypervisor sensor

SNMP QNAP System Health sensor

SNTP sensor

WMI UTC Time sensor

Medium Performance Impact


Business Process sensor

DNS v2 sensor

EXE/Script Advanced sensor

FTP sensor

HL7 sensor

HTTP Advanced sensor

HTTP Content sensor

HTTP Data Advanced sensor

Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volume Disk Free sensor

IMAP sensor

IPMI System Health sensor

LDAP sensor

MQTT Statistics sensor

MQTT Subscribe Custom sensor

Ping Jitter sensor

Python Script Advanced sensor

REST Custom sensor

SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol sensor

Share Disk Free sensor

SNMP Cisco UCS Physical Disk sensor

SNMP Cisco UCS System Health sensor

Soffico Orchestra Channel Health sensor

SSH Disk Free sensor

SSH INodes Free sensor

SSH Load Average sensor

SSH Meminfo sensor

SSH SAN Logical Disk sensor

SSH SAN Physical Disk sensor

SSH SAN System Health sensor

TFTP sensor

VMware Host Hardware Status (SOAP) sensor

Windows IIS Application sensor

WMI HDD Health sensor

High Performance Impact


Active Directory Replication Errors sensor

ADO SQL v2 sensor

Citrix XenServer Host sensor

Citrix XenServer Virtual Machine sensor

Dell PowerVault MDi Logical Disk sensor

Dell PowerVault MDi Physical Disk sensor

DICOM Bandwidth sensor


DICOM Query/Retrieve sensor

Enterprise Virtual Array sensor

Exchange Backup (PowerShell) sensor

Exchange Database (PowerShell) sensor

Exchange Database DAG (PowerShell) sensor

Exchange Mail Queue (PowerShell) sensor

Exchange Mailbox (PowerShell) sensor

Exchange Public Folder (PowerShell) sensor

File sensor

File Content sensor

Folder sensor

FTP Server File Count sensor

HTTP Transaction sensor

HTTP XML/REST Value sensor

Hyper-V Host Server sensor

Hyper-V Virtual Machine sensor

Hyper-V Virtual Network Adapter sensor

Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device sensor

IP on DNS Blacklist sensor

Microsoft SQL v2 sensor

MySQL v2 sensor

Oracle SQL v2 sensor

Oracle Tablespace sensor

PostgreSQL sensor

QoS (Quality of Service) One Way sensor

QoS (Quality of Service) Round Trip sensor

RADIUS v2 sensor

SMTP&IMAP Round Trip sensor

SMTP&POP3 Round Trip sensor

SSH Remote Ping sensor

SSH SAN Enclosure sensor

Traceroute Hop Count sensor

VMware Host Hardware (WBEM) sensor

Windows CPU Load sensor

Windows IIS 6.0 SMTP Received sensor

Windows IIS 6.0 SMTP Sent sensor

Windows MSMQ Queue Length sensor

Windows Network Card sensor

Windows Pagefile sensor

Windows Physical Disk I/O sensor

Windows Print Queue sensor

Windows Process sensor

Windows System Uptime sensor

WMI Battery sensor

WMI Custom sensor

WMI Custom String sensor

WMI Disk Health sensor

WMI Exchange Server sensor

WMI Exchange Transport Queue sensor

WMI File sensor

WMI Free Disk Space (Multi Disk) sensor

WMI Logical Disk I/O sensor

WMI Memory sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2005 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2008 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2012 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2014 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2016 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2017 sensor

WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2019 sensor

WMI Remote Ping sensor

WMI Security Center sensor

WMI Service sensor

WMI Share sensor

WMI SharePoint Process sensor

WMI Storage Pool sensor

WMI Terminal Services (Windows 2008+) sensor

WMI Terminal Services (Windows XP/Vista/2003) sensor

WMI Vital System Data v2 sensor

WMI Volume sensor

WSUS Statistics sensor

Very High Performance Impact


Event Log (Windows API) sensor

HTTP Full Web Page sensor

IPFIX sensor

IPFIX (Custom) sensor

jFlow v5 sensor

jFlow v5 (Custom) sensor

NetFlow v5 sensor

NetFlow v5 (Custom) sensor

NetFlow v9 sensor

NetFlow v9 (Custom) sensor

Packet Sniffer sensor

Packet Sniffer (Custom) sensor

Sensor Factory sensor

sFlow sensor

sFlow (Custom) sensor

SNMP Trap Receiver sensor

SSH Script sensor

SSH Script Advanced sensor

Syslog Receiver sensor

VMware Host Performance (SOAP) sensor

VMware Virtual Machine (SOAP) sensor

Windows Updates Status (PowerShell) sensor

WMI Event Log sensor