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Avoid Unscheduled Downtime - Monitor Your Servers with PRTG

Paessler's PRTG server monitoring tool will continuously check server availability, health and performance for you and send you instant alerts of any problems.

PRTG can track availability of many types of servers, including web servers, file servers, email servers, FTP servers, database servers, etc. The software's comprehensive feature list makes it also the perfect solution for monitoring network bandwidth, usage and availability of networks of all sizes. Even the freeware edition includes the entire feature set of the commercial editions, but it is limited to 100 sensors.

Monitoring Large Networks

PRTG as a professional server monitoring tool comes with comprehensive features for monitoring web servers as well as SQL servers and entire networks. It scales up to 20.000 and more sensors and offers more than 200 different sensor types, bandwidth management functionality using SNMP monitoring, NetFlow and packet sniffing (port sniffer), remote probes for monitoring locally distributed networks and much more (all this is included even in the free server monitoring software). For a complete feature overview please click here...

Quick and easy installation and configuration make PRTG an extremely user friendly server monitoring tool. Additionally PRTG comes with an easy to use web-interface. Monitoring results can be published in many different ways and comprehensive rights and roles management allows you to set up different users with precisely defined rights.

How Does Server Monitoring Work?

The server monitoring tools use different technologies for availability monitoring, and monitors factors such as disk usage, CPU load, IP latency, or even server room temperatures or humidity. You can also monitor SQL Server system load. The server monitoring tools can also be used as an ESX Server Monitor and for XEN server monitoring.

Video PRTG - What is a sensor

What is a sensor?

by Kimberley, Senior System Engineer

What, exactly, is a "sensor" within PRTG? What is a "channel"? This video discusses PRTG sensors and channels, including a few concrete examples of both, to illustrate this fundamental PRTG concept.

View video (4:34 min.)

Sensors of the Server Monitoring Tools

Using PRTG's HTTP Sensors you can monitor web servers:

  • HTTP Sensor: shows the loading time. This is the easiest way to monitor if a website is reachable.
  • HTTP Advanced Sensor: monitors the source code of a web page. It supports authentication, content checks, etc. It shows the loading time, bytes received, download bandwidth, and time to first byte.
  • Transaction Sensor: monitors an interactive website, such as a web shop. The sensor monitors whether logins or shopping carts work properly and it returns the loading time.
  • And many more HTTP Sensors

Using the technologies SOAP or WBEM, using PRTG is the perfect tool for virtual server monitoring:

  • VMware Host Server Sensor: monitors a VMware host server using SOAP. It shows CPU and memory usage, disk read and write speed, and network received and transmitted speed of a VMware host server.
  • Xen Virtual Machine Monitor: monitors a virtual machine on a XEN server.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device Sensor: monitors a virtual storage device running on a Microsoft Hyper-V host server. It shows read and write values in second, and the number of errors.
  • Amazon CloudWatch Sensor: monitors performance of an Amazon EC2 computing instance using Amazon CloudWatch. The sensor shows CPU utilization, network load in and out, and disk read and write speed.
  • And many more Virtual Server Sensors

Using the technologies SMTP, WMI, POP3, or IMAP, you can monitor mail servers:

Using the technologies ADO or WMI, PRTG allows you to monitor SQL servers:

  • Microsoft SQL Sensor: it shows the response time, the number of records, and the value. The sensor can monitor if the database server accepts connections, processes requests, and returns an expected result when executing a custom SQL command.
  • ADO SQL Sensor: monitors a database using an ADO connection. It connects to the server and shows the response time. Additionally, it can read the number of records and a value.
  • WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Sensor: these two sensors monitor the performance of a Microsoft SQL server. It can show the number of user connections, and the number of logins and logouts per second; the number of full scans, page splits, and table lock escalations, per second; etc.
  • And many more sensors for monitoring SQL Server

Last but not least if you're using FTP, SMB or WMI you can monitor file server:

  • Share Disk Free Sensor: monitors free disk space of a share using SMB, showing the free space in percent and total.
  • FTP Sensor: monitors file servers. It shows the response time.
  • TFTP Sensor: monitors a file server and checks if a certain file is available for download. It shows the availability.
  • WMI File Sensor: monitors a file and shows the file size and the last modified date.
  • And many more file server sensors

PRTG includes other sensors like the port sensor, Ping Sensor, Radius Sensor and Syslog Receiver Sensor to monitor network service by port connection, availability of a device, response time, number of new messages, etc.

Start Using PRTG For Server Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor is available in two editions. The freeware edition supports 100 sensors, and is completely free of charge for both personal and commercial use. Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.

Many of our customers use it to monitor medium- and large-scale corporate networks. A very simple licensing model makes it easy to find the right edition for every purpose. A customer-friendly upgrade path lets PRTG grow with your requirements: Your current license's price will be deducted from the higher license's price when you upgrade to more sensors.

You can start using PRTG server monitoring software immediately: just download the fully-functional 30-day trial version now. Enjoy the quick and easy setup and installation and get your first monitoring results in literally minutes.

Download Network Monitoring Software for Windows - Version (April 24th, 2017)
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