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Manage LAN traffic with PRTG

A Local Area Network usually covers a small area such as a certain office, a few buildings, or perhaps just a home. Unlike WANs (Wide Area Networks), LANs have no need for leased telecommunication lines, and tend to have very high data transfer rates. In order for a LAN to run smoothly, the network manager needs to keep a close eye on traffic and bandwidth usage. By monitoring network traffic carefully, problems such as performance bottlenecks can be avoided.

PRTG Network Monitor is the ideal LAN traffic monitor for easy, reliable LAN traffic management and local area network monitoring. It provides administrators with live readings as well as long-term usage trends, all provided in clear, easy-to-read graphs and tables. With accurate information about network traffic and bandwidth usage, you can manage your LAN in a proactive way and avoid costly and time-consuming problems.

This LAN traffic monitor is available in two different versions. The Freeware Edition of PRTG is completely free for personal and commercial use. The Commercial Editions are required if you want to monitor more than 100 sensors.

The Lan traffic monitor of PRTG has received a lot of positive feedback from its users:

"I purchased PRTG from you just a few days ago and would just like to tell you what a joy this program is to use. I had previously considered using MRTG but after a few hours of reading the documentation decided it was more work than I had time to undertake. I expected a bit of the same from PRTG, but was pleasantly surprised to find that all I had to do was enter the IP address range of my LAN, the SNMP community password and PRTG auto-discovered everything! I added a few custom sensors to measure latency and signal strength of our Motorola Canopy wireless radios, and did not find it necessary to refer to the documentation even once. Additionally, the program has been completely stable and has not locked up once. Someone on your development team obviously understands the necessity of keeping things simple and intuitive, and I would just like to thank you for developing an excellent product that works well beyond my expectations"

Cameron Earnshaw, Kachina Communications, LLC, dba Swift Wireless Internet

Download Network Monitoring Software for Windows - Version (August 22nd, 2016)
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