License and maintenance

Transcript- License and Maintenance

In this video I'm going to show you where you can find out what PRTG license you're currently running, how much maintenance you still have for that license, and where to enter a new license into PRTG. A PRTG license key consists of a license name and a license key. The license name is normally the name of your company. The license key is a string, approximately 60 characters long, and looks something like this.
If you're running a free trial or freeware version, you will have received your key either directly on our website or in an email. If you've purchased a commercial version, you will have received your key by email when you ordered your license. However, since it might have been quite a while since you got that email, and emails sometimes go missing in action, especially old emails, this video is going to show where you can look up your license level and licence key inside the software and inside Paessler's online shop.

I'm going to start with what you can see inside the software. If you go to the Setup menu and select License, you'll land on this license status page. You can also get to this page by clicking on Setup and then scrolling down to "Licensing Status and Settings". Here you can see: - the exact license name that's part of your PRTG license - Part of the license key. We don't display the entire license key for security reasons, but you have then entire key in the email you received when you purchased the key - What level of license you have (eg. PRTG 1000) - Your current activation status - Vey important here, is how many days of maintenance are still available on this license - The maximum number of sensors permitted with this license This exact same information is also available under Setup / PRTG Status, in the section Licensing. If you would like to enter a new license key, then please return to Setup/ License and then click on either the "Enter license key" tab at the top, or the blue button at the bottom.
Here you can now enter your new license key.
I'm now going to leave the PRTG software and move to our online shop. When you purchase a commercial license key for PRTG, you can also look up your license and maintenance information in our customer service center. We automatically create an account in the service center for you, when you first purchase a license. Please note that trial and freeware customers don't have an account here. To get to the customer service center, start on our homepage,, and click on login.
You'll need to know the email address that's associated with your Paessler account and the corresponding password. Each PRTG license is connected to one email address only. If you don't have these anymore, please use these links on the right to regain access to your account. Once you've logged in, you'll see the personal details about this account owner, and then all the information about your license.
Here, you see the license name, the email address that's associated with the license, which is the same email address you used to log into your account, what license level you have purchased, how many days of maintenance are remaining , and the full license key. If you'd like to purchase additional maintenance packs, you can click on "Buy maintenance or create a quote". If you'd like to upgrade to a higher level license, then please click on "buy upgrade or create a quote" And, certainly not least: if you have active maintenance, you can download the most recent version of PRTG by clicking here on "download".
There is one more place in PRTG where you can view or update your license. The easiest method is by using the main PRTG web GUI as we've already seen. However, if you can't use the Web GUI for whatever reason, it's also possible to view or update a license using the PRTG Administration Tool. This Admin tool is a separate tool that's automatically installed when you install PRTG. You can find it in your PRTG software directory, under PRTG Administration Tool. Open the Admin Tool, and go to the License tab. Here you can perform the same actions as in the web GUI, to view your current license and maintenance period, or to enter a new license.