Making the lives of sysadmins easier

Transcript - Making the lives of sysadmins easier


As a Sysadmin you have a lot of devices, applications, and tools, which means more things

that you have to keep an eye on, to make sure everything is working.

To prevent downtime, nervous users, an angry boss, or even financial loss for your company, what if there was a powerful and secure monitoring solution that let you focus on what really matters?

Maybe you already know Paessler. If you do, you know there are two things we are passion about.

Comprehensive monitoring, making the lives of IT professionals like you easier. How does this passion help you with network monitoring?

Lets take a look at a product, PRTG Network monitor! PRTG gives you an overview over your network, your system and applications.

It sends you notifications directly to your phone and has a native Android and iOS App. Installation and an initial configuration is a matter of only a few minutes. The auto discovery, hundreds of pre configured sensors helps you to get started very quickly and easily. To visualize your monitoring data, you can create your own dashboards or use one of the pre defined maps and share them with your users and management.

PRTG is also agent less, all in one monitoring application. It uses a standard protocol like ICMP , SNMP, WMI, secure HTTP or OPCUA together data. Features like remote site monitoring with encrypt connections or bend with flow protocols are already included without additional plug ins or add ons.

No hidden costs, fully featured, simple licensing, fair pricing.

And if you have a trouble, the supporting in your time zone will help you. Not only monitor your IT networks, but also your industrial IT or healthcare, smart city and other verticals. Hundreds of thousands of sysadmins all over the world use and love PRTG network monitor.

This intuitive monitoring tool which is really easy to use and doesn't require deep scripting knowledge. So why don’t give it a try and download the 30 day trial and see how our passion can make your life easier.