Monitorización Distribuida con PRTG

Transcripción - Supervisión distribuida con PRTG

A standard setup of PRTG Network Monitor consists of two system parts: The Core Server and the so-called "local probe". The first part, the "Core Server", is the heart of your PRTG system and takes care of your configuration, user interface and user management, database management and reporting and many other things.

The primary monitoring is performed on the second part, the "local probe". On this probe so-called sensors constantly communicate with all devices on your network to do the actual monitoring. The monitoring results are then forwarded to the Core Server for further processing and storage.
In order to reach distant networks or networks that are protected by a firewall you can extend the reach of PRTG by adding additional probes to your setup. We call them "remote probes". On a "remote probe", sensors communicate with the devices in a remote network. Then the monitoring results are relayed to the PRTG Core Server. A "probe-Core-connection" can even be established through a firewall and across the public Internet.

Using a secure Internet connection that is protected by TSL, you can integrate your company's branch office network into your monitoring setup from anywhere in the world. You can also install "remote probes" directly on your Web server, Mail-Server or any other server in order to monitor them much more closely.
"Remote probes" are included in all of our PRTG licenses. Your whole network at your fingertips - PRTG always keeps you informed of your infrastructure. Download your trial version today!